Ex-Inmate Teaches Sommelier How To Make Prison Wine

11 mrt. 2021
57 354 Weergaven

Two worlds collide in this wine-making demo.
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Kwesi James

  • CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!

    Rman NayrRman Nayr11 dagen geleden

    Rman NayrRman Nayr11 dagen geleden
  • PRISON WINE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rman NayrRman Nayr11 dagen geleden

    Rman NayrRman Nayr11 dagen geleden
  • I kept expecting homie to start booking short eyes.

    ScripnerScripner20 dagen geleden
  • I hope they paid this brotha good money for making this video

    Nygia WilsonNygia Wilson27 dagen geleden
  • I hope they don’t start gentrifying pruno. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Nygia WilsonNygia Wilson27 dagen geleden
  • Plot twist: they don't actually make wine like that. The ex felon was pranking on him

    Sam OrtizSam Ortiz28 dagen geleden
  • buzz

    한띵저격TV한띵저격TVMaand geleden
  • Why he gotta be black buzzfeed?

    MineHunterMineHunterMaand geleden
  • foragers and gathers from 15k thousand years ago and inmates 🤝

    acsa vadoacsa vadoMaand geleden
  • all the feminists at buzzfeed, why are you gay?

    midknightmidknightMaand geleden
  • I like these videos..

    DannyDannyMaand geleden
  • They were able to learn from one another

    D RD RMaand geleden
  • It doesn't count if it's not made in a dirty prison toilet

    D RD RMaand geleden
  • Thumbs up in this s*** before I even watch it because the concept is hilarious

    D RD RMaand geleden
  • Of course the black guy is the ex inmate

    Attila DobriAttila DobriMaand geleden
  • Prison wine, scares me honestly, I mean the process looks cool and all...but the taste has got me worried LOL

    DoeRaeMeDoeRaeMeMaand geleden
    • Depending on who and how its made it can be delicious or can taste like a Ting soda or can even taste like ginger/grapefruit/peach wine cooler thatll get u lit

      awe ninetyawe ninetyMaand geleden
    • @tgo007 I've only seen people

      Skunka MunkahSkunka MunkahMaand geleden
    • I've only seen people get sick and vomit from it.

      tgo007tgo007Maand geleden
  • Too late for me I stopped drinking alcohol

    Said NasereddinSaid NasereddinMaand geleden
  • Was too entertaining to click off even though I was gagging at the thought of drinking sock juice.

    toysmostwantedtoysmostwantedMaand geleden
  • "its always bitter" grapefruit be like "dont look at me 🙄"

    sooooooooDarksooooooooDarkMaand geleden
  • Now this is how Pruno becomes sold at premium at an upscale restaurant. When he asked how much it goes for, I knee it was a wrap.

    hioxdhioxdMaand geleden
  • Um so they put, in a tiny, barely visible text on the bottom corner that says there’s a high chance of BOTULISM and the cdc recommends against drinking prison wine. That’s a fatal condition and they’re trying to hide that??

    It’s ya boy uh-It’s ya boy uh-Maand geleden
  • Gotta run it through the sock a couple more times for sure hahahahaha

    Addi The Plant GrowerAddi The Plant GrowerMaand geleden
  • Old ladies in Canada during the depression did the same thing with tea bags. Tea Wine my grandmother called it. After sitting a few weeks it was like drinking a smokey moonshine

    CarolAnn0308CarolAnn0308Maand geleden
  • Check cells every 7 days and rotate the product in the cells after they've been checked. Learned something new today.

    Rex CRex CMaand geleden
  • 1:00 when the chief knows the craziest people came from the Bronx and Florida 😂

    BigMoe89BigMoe89Maand geleden
  • They should start a wine line together!

    Lexi ZagerLexi ZagerMaand geleden
  • I love the ex-inmate. He has a great personality and fun.

    Google UserGoogle UserMaand geleden
    • He really does have a great fun!

      Skunka MunkahSkunka MunkahMaand geleden
  • It's the fine print for me

    MissKennedy18MissKennedy18Maand geleden
  • The guy on the left is definitely gonna make a mass market wine called Pruno lol

    John JoshuaJohn JoshuaMaand geleden
  • Prison inmate are genius

    Bryan ChongBryan ChongMaand geleden
  • More of these

    anthonydisneyanthonydisneyMaand geleden
  • Buy a microphone, FFS!

    Dean BergenDean BergenMaand geleden
  • Terrific..

    S&S ChannelS&S ChannelMaand geleden
  • I love that he took the time to explain the science of it bc this is a very creative process. Not only that but probably closer to the process people used to do in Ye Olden Dayes

    Csb1289Csb1289Maand geleden
  • Hello everyone! I’m drinking a smoothie 😊

    Naya KirkyNaya KirkyMaand geleden
  • In my country prisoners make _moonshine_ out of popcorn kernels

    _ENACRT__ENACRT_Maand geleden
  • You're supposed to be on the wagon, Not drinking toilet wine with your prison wife....

    dallama182dallama182Maand geleden
  • b

    lexi lynnlexi lynnMaand geleden
  • I wanna try this but I don’t drink 😭

  • Would have been nice to hear the Sommeliers opinion on flavor and what not...

    Sarrah MSarrah MMaand geleden
  • could i get pinned? 💖

    Adrianna LopezAdrianna LopezMaand geleden
  • I love this ex-inmate thing

    Hailey HowsonHailey HowsonMaand geleden
  • Why y'all always call me a racist?

    Bliss CathartheyBliss CathartheyMaand geleden
  • lol at the CDC disclaimer at 3:13 - Due to the risk of botulism, the CDC advises against drinking prison wine.

    UngjaevelUngjaevelMaand geleden
    • 🤣

      Arthanza McGheeArthanza McGheeMaand geleden
  • WOW Interesting. +Next Episode How To Sneak In Drugs & Certain Snacks

    Trevor MaxwellsyTrevor MaxwellsyMaand geleden
  • I want to see the sommelier improve it.

    MrHer9MrHer9Maand geleden
    • With things commonly available in prison or improved by outside means though 🤔

      pumacatrun2pumacatrun2Maand geleden
  • love this.

    Fehime A.Fehime A.Maand geleden
  • I swear one day imma be tired and my teacher is gonna ask does anyone have a good story to tell and imma be like well i learnt how to make wine in prison

    Cobalt OceanCobalt OceanMaand geleden
  • They left out a couple things to actually make pruno. Add some small size apple juice boxes,small size oarnge juice boxes. Add some slices of bread torn into little pieces which is the yeast you need for it to work,place it all in at least 4-6 black trash bags. You do so cause if you put it in just one trash bag the pressure will build up and it'll burst quite quickly once all the fermentation and heat builds up. Every once in awhile give it a little gentle shake after burping to keep mixing the sediments on the bottom. DON'T BURP IT LIKE HE DID, put easy pressure while doing so. Push down on it to hard & it'll burst right out the side of the bag. Place in a dark closet if your making it at home. Check it regularly, burping it when you can touch it and it feels basically like a balloon starting to deflate. Give it about 30 days. 20th day you can stop shaking it after burping and let the sediment settle. But still continue burping it regularly, just don't disturb the sediment on the bottom. Dip your cup in and drink. Don't let none of the sediment get disturbed on the bottom. Now you've actually got the right way to make pruno,and it's gonna be stronger than wine.

    Recurring NightmareRecurring NightmareMaand geleden
    • @Recurring Nightmare thanks im gonna tell my bro to try that

      Jake AlexanderJake AlexanderMaand geleden
    • @egyptiansushi Not so fun facts: They used to sell stingers in commisary,but not anymore. Some now use make shift stingers with a plug from a broken down tv and the wires in the water. A stinger basically looks like a soldering gun. You place it in water and gets water extremly hot. They stopped selling them cause some people would forget to unplug before pulling it out of the water and it would blow up. Also some would put it in a high concentration of kool aid like drink mix with a lil bit of water,heat it up and throw it into peoples face.

      Recurring NightmareRecurring NightmareMaand geleden
    • @egyptiansushi You use the bread cause it helps bring the alcohol content up to 10% alcohol quite quickly. The fruit brings it up higher than that. The best fruit to get hold of is pears. Don't know why but with pears, it just overpowers all other flavors. And literally taste like basic bottom shelf pear alcohol/hooch you could buy in a liquor store. With bread it somehow helps start the fermentation process quicker and get the heat up. In the video they use boiling water. Not gonna get boiling water in prison cells, the water doesn't reach boiling point.

      Recurring NightmareRecurring NightmareMaand geleden
    • I don't know about prison wine so maybe there is some reason to put bread in it but getting the yeast from the bread ain't it--the yeast used when making the bread surely died in the heat of the oven. The apple peels here have natural yeast though... I make kombucha with raisins and there is yeast on the raisins just from growing out on the vine

      egyptiansushiegyptiansushiMaand geleden
  • ... This series makes me uncomfortable....is it just me?

    AisforAriAisforAriMaand geleden
  • Making your own wine during Covid-times at home 😅

    AnnaAnnaMaand geleden
  • Gotta applaud a true sommelier for trying pruno, and maintaining a positive and gracious attitude after the tasting. I've seen chefs such as Gordon Ramsey refuse to taste certain things for fear of ruining their palates, so way to be a good sport! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Jennifer BaldiniJennifer BaldiniMaand geleden
  • Wine guy needs to make pruno an actual thing.

    Lauren's CornerLauren's CornerMaand geleden
  • This is awesome. The Sommelier took that shot like a champ. 😂

    Amanda KellingAmanda KellingMaand geleden
  • God Bless and stay safe whoever reading this comment 😍🤩🙏

    정윤서정윤서Maand geleden
  • Drew's restaurant Kali is an amazing Michelin starred restaurant in LA. It's my favorite restaurant in LA, I've been there several time and Drew is always working. The man is super humble, kind, and always the hardest worker in the restaurant even though he is the owner.

    Will TWill TMaand geleden
  • Love this series

    Working QualityWorking QualityMaand geleden
  • Next Episode: Making a *Shiv* out of a _Toothbrush_

    AparksAparksMaand geleden
    • Ex-inmate teaches war hero how to make a shiv

      Theatrekid- HiTheatrekid- HiMaand geleden
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  • Are they filming together and they're making it look like they are filming separately? Or is that just a line down the middle?

    Jessica FoxJessica FoxMaand geleden
    • @Them Ustar Dprin Ce Not only that but look at how they're talking to one another. The ex-inmate would always look to his right while the sommelier would always look to his left. This is definitely in the same room but social distancing.

      Say SounSay SounMaand geleden
    • The bench in the background looks like they are filming in the same room, but probably just a good distance apart. The line is just from editing using split-screen.

      Them Ustar Dprin CeThem Ustar Dprin CeMaand geleden
    • I think they are filming together, but there is a big distance between the 2 of them because Covid probably

      Tatiana FloreaTatiana FloreaMaand geleden
  • Pruno. Prison Vino 😆😆

    Azalea LeonAzalea LeonMaand geleden
    • Slob my nob. Thanks.

      Azalea LeonAzalea Leon20 dagen geleden
    • ...where did the "u" come from then? Please refrain from telling lies here. Thanks, --Skunka

      Skunka MunkahSkunka MunkahMaand geleden
    • AHHHHHH🤣😂

      Okeeno WilsonOkeeno WilsonMaand geleden
  • Delicious prison wine

    EmbersEmbersMaand geleden
  • “Y’all tryna get me faded?”

    nick voltairenick voltaireMaand geleden
    • 😘

      Skunka MunkahSkunka MunkahMaand geleden
    • 🥰

      Spooky BlackSpooky BlackMaand geleden
  • this was just posted 😳

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  • Mario

    Menma YamiMenma YamiMaand geleden
  • Wine

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  • Да 69 views Хе-хе, кто тут из России?

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  • Love you and Melania so much!!! So thankful for you both!!! 😊❤️🙌🏽✝️🙏🏻 I am confident that God is hearing our prayers on your behalf. What the enemy meant for evil, God is using for good! Praying for rest, peace, healing and for God to give you strength like never before!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻✝️✝️✝️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🤗🤗🤗God bless you both! You have fought so hard for us and for Israel!God will reward you❤️🇺🇸🙌🏽 Lord bless President Trump mightily station your angels around about him give him your wisdom knowledge and understanding strengthen his body and his mind it's in the mind of Christ Jesus name amen💥💥💥

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  • pov: reading comments while watching the vid....

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  • Am I the first indian to comment on this vid ? Like if yes

  • I clicked it so fast🤣

    Kiara LoveKiara LoveMaand geleden
  • Next: ex-isis teaches how to install raid shadow legends.

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    • You dropped this...👑👑👑

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  • I am a, huge fan

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  • Fun fact: you haven’t finished watching the video yet

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    • LIAR

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    • Mind Readers in every comment section i swear

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