Gen Z Reacts To Classic BuzzFeed Videos

7 apr. 2021
63 465 Weergaven

Did she just say use a salad dry your clothes?! Gen Z reacts to some of your favorite classic BuzzFeed videos!
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Happy Duck family cartoon
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  • As a gen z wanna be, I relate. But also remember ALL of these videos 😆

    Mitchell JohnsonMitchell JohnsonDag geleden
  • Im a 2003 gen z and i grew up watching these

    Abby WilsbacherAbby Wilsbacher2 dagen geleden
  • um... you're calling your own videos "classic".... just saying.

    Tobias Vilain NewmanTobias Vilain Newman3 dagen geleden
  • I'm tall and I've never been told I'm great hugger

    Sfiso RadebeSfiso Radebe4 dagen geleden
  • Bravo

    sami sami tv live مباشر سامي سامي تيفيsami sami tv live مباشر سامي سامي تيفي4 dagen geleden
  • I cannot get onboard with the 15sec commercials you can't skip! Especially when they are in a foreign language! Why would anyone want to sit through a commercial they can't understand? You've lost me as a subscriber and thumbs down.

    NavelAviatorNavelAviator5 dagen geleden
  • Deathnote fans want to disagree with that girl who said that names are a social construct.

    Chono EronoChono Erono5 dagen geleden
  • The lady with Chicago T-shirt looks like lady version of Kevin Hart! 😂

    Santhosh CenaSanthosh Cena6 dagen geleden
  • Gwen and Elise are siblings-

    Tori WilsonTori Wilson7 dagen geleden
  • my name is Tharon. Ive had it spelled like Taron, Theron, Tha`ron and been called Sharon, Erin, Taron, Baron how does anyone get that from Tharon. I always say its like Sharon but with a T. Everyone says oh duh or okay or they still call me Taron.

    Small Town Fam Adventures & MoreSmall Town Fam Adventures & More7 dagen geleden
  • Gen z soft

    S GEES GEE8 dagen geleden

    ameyaameya8 dagen geleden
    • HEY BAE

      kanak bkanak b8 dagen geleden
  • bro whaaat aw hell nah

    Anthony AbruzzoAnthony Abruzzo8 dagen geleden
    • hi ant.

      kanak bkanak b8 dagen geleden
  • Why is Elise so iconic also I own a salad spinner 🤭

    JoelleJoelle8 dagen geleden
  • Half of these kids go to my school this is so weird.

    Robin SkyesRobin Skyes8 dagen geleden
  • Where's Worth It??? Everything else is garbage.

    shut up bitchshut up bitch9 dagen geleden
  • Is it bad that I felt insulted by their reactions?????? lol

    Sara SMSara SM9 dagen geleden
  • 02-04 are the Gen Ziest of Gen Z

    MeMunchkinMeMunchkin9 dagen geleden
  • I love old videos of buzzfeed. Especially when impersonating someone. Ashley, couple edition, back then when andrew as somewhat an awkward guy in the office, misheard songs, etc that feels just right and light entertainment.

    rania afifarania afifa9 dagen geleden
  • This video just called me old and I was born in ‘95.

    MakeupByRee615MakeupByRee61510 dagen geleden

    Mary Jean ReloxMary Jean Relox10 dagen geleden
  • “Names are a construct” pretty much defines Gen Z

    theBeatsbyjtheBeatsbyj10 dagen geleden
  • yup feeling so old... so very very old

    Budleee BazzBudleee Bazz10 dagen geleden
  • “What’s a camisole?” do you not know what that is...did you grow up under a rock??

    Princess sunshinePrincess sunshine10 dagen geleden
  • Hi Kanak!

    CamcodCamcod10 dagen geleden
  • omg this reminded me of one of my favorite old buzzfeed videos, 7 perks of being quiet

    CaLemCaLem10 dagen geleden
  • They would not make it far in an apocalypse or sum

    Riley AtwoodRiley Atwood10 dagen geleden
  • I love watching these videos and looking back on all the people who have since left BuzzFeed (looking at you Chantel)

    Rebecca RichRebecca Rich10 dagen geleden
  • you know you are a dying company when even zoomers say "i USED to watch buzzfeed"

    you and i are like my buttcheeks after all the shit that goes between us we always get back togetheryou and i are like my buttcheeks after all the shit that goes between us we always get back together10 dagen geleden
  • “I don’t know who I am” 🤣🤣😭 these kids are kinda funny without trying

    GrossGross10 dagen geleden
  • They make me feel hella old

    LyfezGoodLyfezGood10 dagen geleden
  • LMFAOOOO 3:26 has me crying

    LeahLeah10 dagen geleden
  • Man look at Kanak so inspirational.

    Sohil PurohitSohil Purohit10 dagen geleden
  • kinda in love w the duck girl 😩😍😘❤️

    Carolina ChimbandaCarolina Chimbanda10 dagen geleden
  • Am gen z

    KhalifKhalif10 dagen geleden
  • Jenna Marbles made the bra video first!

    Ryan WilliamsRyan Williams10 dagen geleden
  • Who cares what 15 year olds think

    Horse fuckerHorse fucker10 dagen geleden
  • The white guy reminds me of Napoleon dynamite

    Andrew RAndrew R10 dagen geleden
  • Missed opportunity to show them Ashly and Andrew!!!😭😭😭 It was so nice seeing the original crew....

    Athena RoseAthena Rose10 dagen geleden
  • I love that girls makeup!!!

    betterlifediarybetterlifediary10 dagen geleden
  • yesss loveee this

    betterlifediarybetterlifediary10 dagen geleden
  • i was born in 96, so if i was in this video i would literally be the oldest LOL

    Joshua BuchananJoshua Buchanan10 dagen geleden
  • @katolove24

    KatoLove24KatoLove2410 dagen geleden
  • what in the 5 minute crafts-

    zoe cantavezoe cantave10 dagen geleden
  • Jesus I was like 15 when these vids came out

    Syed Ali Basit NastuhSyed Ali Basit Nastuh10 dagen geleden
  • I miss lady-like 😢

    LESismoreLESismore10 dagen geleden
  • eh, i guess those born inbetween get to choose who they identify with. the generation theory changes like the weather and is us-centric af, anyway. not very long ago no one thought that ppl born in ninety-five would be seen as millennials, but now some even add ninety-seven's babies into the mix

    JakerinaJakerina10 dagen geleden
  • WOAH the kanak girl was hilarious

    Simran PanwarSimran Panwar10 dagen geleden
    • U gotta crush on her or sum

      avlavl10 dagen geleden

    Simran PanwarSimran Panwar10 dagen geleden
    • @AL Gonsalves okay andddddd sue me

      Simran PanwarSimran Panwar10 dagen geleden
    • @AL Gonsalves u got an issue??

      riya sudanariya sudana10 dagen geleden
    • stop spamming , uve already commented 4+ times.

      AL GonsalvesAL Gonsalves10 dagen geleden
    • Girl we see u

      Mariana CarvalhoMariana Carvalho10 dagen geleden

    Simran PanwarSimran Panwar10 dagen geleden
  • i love kanaks personality

    Simran PanwarSimran Panwar10 dagen geleden

    Simran PanwarSimran Panwar10 dagen geleden
  • reacts? we grew up on this

    Minal ChunduruMinal Chunduru10 dagen geleden
  • making millennials mad 101

    Molly WillisMolly Willis10 dagen geleden
  • Naw yall are Gen Z who happened to be born in the 90's. Aint nothing Millennial about yall 😂🤣

    Kairas_loveKairas_love10 dagen geleden
    • lots of millennials were born in the nineties as well, tho

      JakerinaJakerina10 dagen geleden
  • omgg the Kanak girl was so funny AND SHE SO PRETTY

    Simran PanwarSimran Panwar10 dagen geleden
  • The dumbest generation to ever exist and its not their fault...

    SonicKoolaidSonicKoolaid10 dagen geleden

    AkanshaAkansha10 dagen geleden
    • @Kati Agrella HAHA HI KATI

      AkanshaAkansha9 dagen geleden
    • omg hey akansha

      Kati AgrellaKati Agrella10 dagen geleden
  • Gen Z 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Justin Long Jr.Justin Long Jr.10 dagen geleden
  • Yesss with the name issues. My maiden last name Negron is so weird and everybody says it wrong no matter what every freaking person I know says it wrong unless you are a native Spanish speaker hahahaha.

    Amanda PandaAmanda Panda10 dagen geleden
  • I'm lucky to have been born in 1995 which is in the middle or genz and millennial so I can mostly relate to both ( or neither)

    Mario MarioMario Mario10 dagen geleden
    • Same!

      Elisabetta CarraroElisabetta Carraro4 dagen geleden
    • Exactly lol

      MakeupByRee615MakeupByRee61510 dagen geleden

    cassidy carncassidy carn10 dagen geleden
  • The crap Gen Z makes and calls quality content on TikTok is frightening

    I_KPOP_FanI_KPOP_Fan10 dagen geleden
  • I’m a gen z and I’m honestly scared of other gen z’s 🤣🤣 I seriously don’t get gen z’s at all I don’t get the slang and it makes me cringe how they don’t know what a salad spinner is or even a floppy disk 😂😂

    kat the metalheadkat the metalhead10 dagen geleden
    • @julianna del rosario no she is just smart

      manic lolamanic lola10 dagen geleden
    • you’re so qUiRkY 🤪🤪

      julianna del rosariojulianna del rosario10 dagen geleden
    • gen z is huge and so are any other generations why are you so surprised 😭

      G. HG. H10 dagen geleden
    • This comment has the same energy as "I'm not like other girls"

      EbEb10 dagen geleden
    • Would you say you're "not like other gen z's?"

      Skunka MunkahSkunka Munkah10 dagen geleden
  • If these kids ever cancel Buzzfeed will that unknowingly cause a paradox? 🤔

    YoungAbel15YoungAbel1510 dagen geleden
  • The awkwardness of this video is the best thing about it 🤣

    Samantha MorrisSamantha Morris10 dagen geleden
  • Realizing I'm too weird to be a millenial and not weird enough to be gen z 🤣

    Araceli EstradaAraceli Estrada10 dagen geleden
  • I’m surprise they didn’t work together to cancel these hacks like how most of Generation Z are trying to cancel everything

    Dan LogronoDan Logrono10 dagen geleden
    • Just cause they’re the loudest doesn’t mean they’re the majority of Gen Z lmao

      Watson XOXWatson XOX10 dagen geleden
  • wow they know nothing

    dani cdani c10 dagen geleden
  • "We're kinda Gen-Z but kinda not..." Then says "What's a salad spinner?" and "So cringe." Nah, baby. You were born in '97. You're definitely Gen-Z, lol

    Drea_TheArtistDrea_TheArtist10 dagen geleden
    • Some definitions don’t include 1997, but the most common one does (albeit as the first year)

      GPlumbobGPlumbob3 dagen geleden
    • I was born in 1999 and I can tell you I am a gen z and definitely a 2000s baby.

      slavin manovslavin manov4 dagen geleden
    • @Sara SM I think its bec Gen Z is actually 1996 to 2009 👀

      May SpringMay Spring8 dagen geleden
    • I think it depends of your experience, I'm from '97 and cannot relate to gen z at all, I feel a milenial becuase I've experience most of the things they have and not gen-Zs despite being cataloged as one, I agree with her about 1997 being in between and is your reaction to things like this facts, etc. what speak about you, in her case gen-z.

      Sara SMSara SM9 dagen geleden
    • True that! We, '97 are definitely Gen-Z hahahahah

      JoeJoe10 dagen geleden
  • how to feel old in 5 minutes and 43 seconds

    Justin VJustin V10 dagen geleden

      HEy sTOb iTHEy sTOb iT7 dagen geleden
    • I thought feeling old was a millenial's personality trait

      chat noirchat noir10 dagen geleden
  • Gen z?

    xiDynazty GamingxiDynazty Gaming10 dagen geleden
  • The fact that old buzzfeed videos feel like troom troom videos is cracking me up 😂😂 y’all sure have grown in some ways at least

    Sarah WilliamsSarah Williams10 dagen geleden
    • "It's not a problem anymore" :D

      J. S.J. S.6 dagen geleden
    • @Skunka Munkah a channel that posts ridiculous “life hack” videos with the world’s worst actors lol it’s very entertaining, you should look up their videos. They get a ton of views despite being awful 😅

      Sarah WilliamsSarah Williams10 dagen geleden
    • Who's troom troom???

      Skunka MunkahSkunka Munkah10 dagen geleden
  • I hope you all accept my sincerest apologies for the things I’ve done and said. I’m learning from my mistakes and working to become a better person every single day..

    Trever FartedTrever Farted10 dagen geleden
    • Robin Skyes HaHa check out his channel. It’s all apology videos

      LESismoreLESismore8 dagen geleden
    • are you apologising for farting

      Robin SkyesRobin Skyes8 dagen geleden
    • Trever Farted Exactly!!! 😆

      LESismoreLESismore10 dagen geleden
    • @LESismore “er” is correct, let him know we’re in the right. Just like water is ‘water’ and not ‘wator’

      Trever FartedTrever Farted10 dagen geleden
    • You spell your name like my brother. I’ve never seen another “er”. It’s always “or”

      LESismoreLESismore10 dagen geleden
  • To the person who reading this comment : have a good day and stay safe and God bless you ❤.

    can we get 100 000 subcriber without any videocan we get 100 000 subcriber without any video10 dagen geleden
    • Was waiting for this comment. Lol.

      AquaticBeaver14AquaticBeaver1410 dagen geleden
  • These Gen Z's are annoying

    Ace AceAce Ace10 dagen geleden
  • Just another Video 😂

    Vrunal_8558Vrunal_855810 dagen geleden
  • BuzzFeed used to be diversed

    Joy biswasJoy biswas10 dagen geleden
  • things i have that i didnt know were now extinct: camisoles and salad spinner

    cinnalyncinnalyn10 dagen geleden
    • They disappeared from existence approximately seven years ago. Didn't you hear??

      Skunka MunkahSkunka Munkah10 dagen geleden
  • Nah man I want them to go all the way back to when buzzfeed first started and we were seeing these random cringy people on Facebook videos lol

    OnizenOnizen10 dagen geleden
  • I’m sorry anybody born after 95 is not a 90s baby 😂

    Moses SsebandekeMoses Ssebandeke10 dagen geleden
    • they kinda are. but i do agree that they aren't nineties kids, tho

      JakerinaJakerina10 dagen geleden
    • LIES! 😂 ‘96!

      Mia McKenzieMia McKenzie10 dagen geleden
    • ....but they literally are tho

      Shelby JShelby J10 dagen geleden
  • Haha no, 1997 is still milennial, not gen z

    Just EdenJust Eden10 dagen geleden
    • There’s not an exact date range, the dates vary. Age of parents, siblings, upbringing, income, education, friends, exposure to technology etc. are contributing factors.

      GMAMECGMAMEC2 dagen geleden
    • It’s pretty iffy but most people agree if you were born 1997 or after you’re Gen Z.

      Watson XOXWatson XOX10 dagen geleden
    • @Jose De Dios no, its the last year. There is literally a buzzfeed video about it... My sis and I are milennials, not gen z

      Just EdenJust Eden10 dagen geleden
    • Your wrong bro. It starts at 1997 to im not sure when it ends

      Jose De DiosJose De Dios10 dagen geleden
  • "What's a camisole?" I...

    Kathryn BensonKathryn Benson10 dagen geleden
  • what about 2001

    brenna dohertybrenna doherty10 dagen geleden
    • @Lanz-apex nawww i wanted someone who was 2001 ik the years that genz ranges from

      brenna dohertybrenna doherty10 dagen geleden
    • Generation z 1997-2012

      Lanz-apexLanz-apex10 dagen geleden
  • LOLL!!!!

    Hamza AbdelmuhdiHamza Abdelmuhdi10 dagen geleden
  • Some " 90s babies" are apart of gen z that doesn't really mean anything lol i just thought that was funny your still part of the generation

    dreamyy lifedreamyy life10 dagen geleden
    • I dont think “disclose” is the word you were looking for there...

      Char WrightChar Wright10 dagen geleden
    • Right, yeah, true, but as I've discovered, an age difference of even 2 - 4 years ends up mattering a lot in terms of the kinda pop culture you may have consumed and entirely different experiences, just in general. Like, getting Facebook when you're in elementary school vs. entering high school. Just my own personal observations.

      Kaumudi HKaumudi H10 dagen geleden
  • Paper clips don’t even hold paper

    DraxAgonDraxAgon10 dagen geleden
    • Couldn’t agree more

      Sacha PelerinSacha Pelerin10 dagen geleden
  • J

    RamRam10 dagen geleden
  • Hi guys!

    Sara CatesSara Cates10 dagen geleden
  • 1st I guess

    Krrish RawatKrrish Rawat10 dagen geleden
    • No, I clearly was

      Skunka MunkahSkunka Munkah10 dagen geleden
    • no i ws

      Landon ShroyerLandon Shroyer10 dagen geleden
    • :(

      Y E SY E S10 dagen geleden
  • God no

    Ominous_WraithOminous_Wraith10 dagen geleden
  • Hi I hope everyone is having a good day

    Cinder3000Cinder300010 dagen geleden
  • Hiii

    kym marshallkym marshall10 dagen geleden
  • Jesus Loves U

    Yee TYee T10 dagen geleden
  • 1st 😁

    EchoEcho10 dagen geleden
    • @Skunka Munkah lol

      EchoEcho10 dagen geleden
    • Oh please. We all know I, SKUNKA MUNKAH, was first. You mortals always ignore the truth. "Skunka" out.

      Skunka MunkahSkunka Munkah10 dagen geleden
    • @Landon Shroyer so then if micheal jakson squad was why did you say you were??? 🙃

      EchoEcho10 dagen geleden
    • @Y E S ye

      Landon ShroyerLandon Shroyer10 dagen geleden
    • Michael Jackson Squad. Was first oldest comment in sec available

      Y E SY E S10 dagen geleden
  • Ohh my God!

    Michael Jackson Squad.Michael Jackson Squad.10 dagen geleden
    • Goob*

      Skunka MunkahSkunka Munkah10 dagen geleden
    • @Y E S god*

      PEEWE 96PEEWE 9610 dagen geleden
    • @Y E S what???

      Michael Jackson Squad.Michael Jackson Squad.10 dagen geleden
    • Gosh*

      Y E SY E S10 dagen geleden