How To Create a Studio Ghibli Photoshoot

29 mrt. 2021
39 238 Weergaven

Join Natalia Seth (@escapingyouth) and Buzzfeed producer Sakura Hegarty (@cucumbrane) on their journey as they recreate a scene from Studio Ghibli classic, Ponyo!
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  • it pronounce as gee-blee not jibli

    Mira BortonMira BortonDag geleden

    Heather FaheyHeather Fahey5 dagen geleden
  • so much efforts and it looks so awkward..... either "ponyo" is a high 9 month pregnant woman or she snappped her back, no it between 😬

    jurojuroojurojuroo6 dagen geleden
  • Omg I loved that movie-

    Tiffany TuTiffany Tu12 dagen geleden
  • My ex and I usd to watch Studio Ghibli together. It was so wonderful 😝

    Dorky Cuty PiDorky Cuty Pi12 dagen geleden
  • I was would've never thought to do this lol

    OneTwenty OfficialOneTwenty Official16 dagen geleden
  • Wow this is really💆 amazing👍🤩 good job💯 👍👍love from India🤝💐 stay safe and take care be happy😊💖🌹

    ZAIKA PLATE'SZAIKA PLATE'S18 dagen geleden
  • OMG HOW Because you didn’t add shadow.

    NukeeeNukeee18 dagen geleden
  • i like it its real quirky

    awesome asssdsdlsfdgddfawesome asssdsdlsfdgddf18 dagen geleden
  • buzzfeed content quality went down the drain 3 years ago.

    John SmithJohn Smith18 dagen geleden
  • is this a reupload?

    Alice the Mad RabbitAlice the Mad Rabbit19 dagen geleden
  • that awkward moment when you watch a vertical videos on laptop or PC.

    AlgnebeAlgnebe19 dagen geleden
  • Only judgement I give is out of all the Ghibli films, it's ponyo you like best 😩

    LG HakubiLG Hakubi19 dagen geleden
  • Perfect photo

    Erik GrimaldoErik Grimaldo19 dagen geleden
  • Pls make more of theeessseee!!!!!!

    Alia ZahranAlia Zahran19 dagen geleden
  • Ni no kuni

    ドキドキ文芸部!ドキドキ文芸部!19 dagen geleden
  • Pain.

    - 1502 -- 1502 -19 dagen geleden
  • Photoshop..but lots of creativity too.

    LeBeautifulLeBeautiful19 dagen geleden
  • I will be well known

    LaidinLaidin19 dagen geleden
  • Tbh wasn't as perfect as I thought it would be

    Shubham PatilShubham Patil19 dagen geleden
  • 3 mins to tell you she used photoshop 🙄

    N1CO NintendudeN1CO Nintendude19 dagen geleden
  • Is that really how you say ghibli???? I’ve been saying it wrong if they are right lmao

    Alaina HutchinsonAlaina Hutchinson19 dagen geleden
    • I don't know the right way either! In my mind I've always said it like jibbly (like it rhymes with jiggly)

      Kat YKat Y19 dagen geleden
    • I don't think so 😅 I think is more like gee.blee

      Belle SaintBelle Saint19 dagen geleden
  • THIS IS AMAZING HOLY COW, I would watch this if it was a series of recreating scenes from different movies!!!

    Sam ElleSam Elle19 dagen geleden
  • I love your videos so much and you

    Kamari HillKamari Hill19 dagen geleden
  • I disliked cause she said jhibli

    Nehidh SivanNehidh Sivan19 dagen geleden
    • @LG Hakubi oh sorry

      Nehidh SivanNehidh Sivan19 dagen geleden
    • That's how you say it

      LG HakubiLG Hakubi19 dagen geleden
  • plsss the thumbnail is so bad🙏🏻😭

    AnnieAnnie19 dagen geleden
  • not buzzfeed repackaging other people's tiktok. Hope you sent a check BF. edit: an not crediting the original creators ... shamefull ...

    VivianeViviane19 dagen geleden
  • This was so creative!!!! Can't believe their imagination

    DrewRraanger 08DrewRraanger 0819 dagen geleden
  • I felt bad when sofia nigaard left buzzfeed 😔

    Nora kardashianNora kardashian19 dagen geleden
    • Good, buzzfeed is garbage

      Angeloperron.eAngeloperron.e17 dagen geleden
    • You ain't even get her name right

      X A N D E RX A N D E R19 dagen geleden
    • She said it 3 years ago

      ofdyoldJimgillgrillduncfi keromdsthe377ofdyoldJimgillgrillduncfi keromdsthe37719 dagen geleden
    • that was like years ago lmao

      JayJay19 dagen geleden
  • Epicc

    DesiertoDesierto19 dagen geleden
  • This is true art.

    Phoenix ΔΔΔPhoenix ΔΔΔ19 dagen geleden
  • Dog

    IMooMoo GamerIMooMoo Gamer19 dagen geleden
  • 2 minutes ago! Subscribe to me pleaseee

    • Charnelopie •• Charnelopie •19 dagen geleden
  • You are a genie

    Sim0n SaysSim0n Says19 dagen geleden
  • Quick answer: Photoshop.

    X A N D E RX A N D E R19 dagen geleden
    • Longer answer: Use Photoshop

      ZtzyZtzy19 dagen geleden
    • 🤣

      Lauren OLauren O19 dagen geleden
  • cool

    Max!Max!19 dagen geleden
  • Noice

    MiraiMirai19 dagen geleden
  • 🫖

    Toot-Toot McBumberSnazzleToot-Toot McBumberSnazzle19 dagen geleden
  • A what?

    Brag CameraBrag Camera19 dagen geleden
  • First

    AlmyraAlmyra19 dagen geleden
    • @Max! man

      AlmyraAlmyra19 dagen geleden
    • Nope you were beaten by 3 seconds mate

      Max!Max!19 dagen geleden
  • First

    The next pewdepie 100,000,000The next pewdepie 100,000,00019 dagen geleden
    • Congrats!

      Max!Max!19 dagen geleden