People Style The Same Pair Of Athletic Tights // Presented by Athleta & BuzzFeed

3 mrt. 2021
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Working at home? Or working out? Athleta’s got you covered


    Rman NayrRman NayrMaand geleden

    Rman NayrRman NayrMaand geleden
  • My style is veryy different from the people in this video..

    Sexy SkeksisSexy SkeksisMaand geleden

    Rman NayrRman NayrMaand geleden
  • I LOVE RACHAEL'S PINK HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rman NayrRman NayrMaand geleden
  • If you want to share carts with your friends/family from the gap brand make sure you use Share A Cart available for chrome, Firefox and safari 😁

    Alina KayAlina KayMaand geleden
  • Waaaait... my mans popped all the way off though

    Ashley WashingtonAshley WashingtonMaand geleden
  • Too bad those leggings are $89!🤦🏻‍♀️😭

    MMMaand geleden
  • a) boring b) scripted c) why should i care what these random chicks wear? Buzzfeed you gotta up your content game...

    pumpkinonastickpumpkinonastickMaand geleden
  • Skylaaar..😍 In love with your lewk!🌈🔥

    Olivia GreenOlivia GreenMaand geleden
  • Unsubscribed

    Enrique MaravillaEnrique MaravillaMaand geleden
  • What a waste of ten minutes.

    LeslieLeslieMaand geleden
  • You need to tell these people to be less obvious about being paid to do this as a result of the product. For instance saying the product name repeatedly is actually incredibly unnatural. Pricilla though she fits.

    Ashley BrunoAshley BrunoMaand geleden
  • Everyone they got for this styling video have absolutely no taste 🤢

    Cecilia San CristobalCecilia San CristobalMaand geleden
  • I just came here to comment one thing: They are leggings tho?

    xAkira X ಠ_ಠxAkira X ಠ_ಠMaand geleden
  • Who are these people and why?

    MelzMelzMaand geleden
  • To be honest with you, I did not recognise any of the people in the video... Is it new employees for buzzfeed? Or where in the world are Lindsay, Jazz...?

    Ignasi ColominasIgnasi ColominasMaand geleden
  • Is buzz feed who had the fem react to gta?

    SnuckableSnuckableMaand geleden
  • Why put a man in an ad for women

    chris jafetchris jafetMaand geleden
    • because men can buy them too

      AridiedAridiedMaand geleden
  • This feels super not genuine. Grossly “oh I love them” so fake. I actually like the videos where they have people style the different item. But where is Jasmine and Lindsay? Who are these people?

    Kelsey SeibKelsey SeibMaand geleden
  • Great job 👌

    dragonlover3dragonlover3Maand geleden
  • I didn’t know dudes wore tights anymore. Wasn’t that a few hundred years ago at least? I watched all of this expected something different. What I’m not sure. Hopefully no one wastes any of their lives reading this, if so I apologize.

    Khal BrandoKhal BrandoMaand geleden
    • @P ugh..

      Khal BrandoKhal BrandoMaand geleden
    • ​@Khal Brando Im definitely not in high school hun Im a grown adult , how sad that your kids know better than you do not to judge and be closed minded like yourself I pray for people like you what's it to you how people dress? you sound very miserable with your life how sad ...

      PPMaand geleden
    • @P if only that was actually true. I can assume you’re in high school, maybe an underclass men in college, you sound like my kids. Should we defund the police too? I can wear about anything I want to work, but I guarantee I can’t wear pants like that for obvious reasons. Anyhow, my comment was meant to be lighthearted, I have no problem with the guy or why he wears. Both my son in hs and my daughter and college have decided they’re gay now. I accept this and love them all the same, but is it ok for me to be a little sad I won’t have any grandkids? I hope the court of public opinion takes it easy on me if I was to make such a bold and “offensive “ comment.

      Khal BrandoKhal BrandoMaand geleden
    • hun were in 2021 get it together ! guys and girls can wear whatever makes them happy ?? and not being judge for it

      PPMaand geleden
  • Yes! I have been waaaaaiting for this video! But I don’t know any of the people.. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Steph EGroSteph EGroMaand geleden
  • You know when you have a favorite tv show and they suddenly swap out one of the actors for another actor, and you’re supposed to pretend that the character is just the same? That’s what I feel like when I watch these now, all of my favorite people are just gone.

    Them Ustar Dprin CeThem Ustar Dprin CeMaand geleden
    • I hate when they do this

      xAkira X ಠ_ಠxAkira X ಠ_ಠMaand geleden
    • exactly! I'm all for introducing new ppl but keep a few of the original ppl

      oooladipoooladipMaand geleden
    • YES THANK YOU EXACTLY!!! Im like who are y'all

      Den GDen GMaand geleden
  • Millennials make me itch... 😝

    M PrywatnyM PrywatnyMaand geleden
  • OoooKkkkk ???????😑

    Raymond FRaymond FMaand geleden
  • This sucks

    despooygamer spookydespooygamer spookyMaand geleden
  • this video is so boring. im the 25 comment cool

    cupcake Adventurescupcake AdventuresMaand geleden
  • $89 for black leggings... ? -- do they come with a refillable prescription for Prozac or somethin'? is that where the "Elation" comes from?

    mbr715mbr715Maand geleden
    • Loool your not wrong!

      xAkira X ಠ_ಠxAkira X ಠ_ಠMaand geleden
    • 🤣🤣🤣

      GabbyGabbyMaand geleden
  • They are literally just black leggings.

    Suzy EideSuzy EideMaand geleden
    • @P ikr I have like 7 pairs of athletic black leggings

      I v oI v o24 dagen geleden
    • My thoughts exactly while reading the title like umm just leggings ??? Literally most basic thing in a woman's wardrobe and they are so overreacting like we all know how leggings feel and how to dress them up or down lol

      PPMaand geleden
    • Right? This wasn't a challenge. hey should've had them style a more interesting item.

      Christina sanderfordChristina sanderfordMaand geleden
  • Sorry but my first thought was *who are these people*

    LG HakubiLG HakubiMaand geleden
  • I am in love with the pretty pink haired ladys bright pink trench coat 😎👍🔥😍

    Liz WLiz WMaand geleden
  • So this is a really long ad. Cool.

    Deb A.Deb A.Maand geleden
  • These are the American ambassadors we have... M.A.G.A.

    Mojo THC JoeMojo THC JoeMaand geleden
  • Nice challenge..

    S&S ChannelS&S ChannelMaand geleden
  • How come there are only 15 comments lol

    Aylin DemirAylin DemirMaand geleden
  • ❝ _Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself._ ❞

    LoveTrollLoveTrollMaand geleden
  • Whoever is reading this, I hope you have an amazing day/night & you reach all your goals. ✨✨✨

    정윤서정윤서Maand geleden
  • I love these style challenges. Gives me styling ideas 💡

    empressnikiaempressnikiaMaand geleden
  • I don’t know about you guys but I only like hoodies, jeans or oversized T-Shirts

    Damla SDamla SMaand geleden
    • @Liz W I like that too lol

      Damla SDamla SMaand geleden
    • jeans are nice if youre going out but not at all comfy at home. leggings are comfy no matter where you are.

      Liz WLiz WMaand geleden
  • I never joke with my atheleisure ❤️🥰🥰

    MnS VlogsMnS VlogsMaand geleden
  • Like ​ nice​ V I D E O 💛🤍🤍💓💓💓🙏👍

    danuw brotodanuw brotoMaand geleden
  • Literally to the 1% who's reading this, don't forget you're loved, you matter, smile more, hydrate yourself. ♡🌻🥤

    excuse mehexcuse mehMaand geleden
    • shut up

      MokiMokiMaand geleden
  • Them: *pairing their tights and making a cute outfit* Me: "I think imma throw on a hoodie" 👁️👄👁️

    Armoni SloanArmoni SloanMaand geleden
    • Me in a nut shell

      Gaming with AmyGaming with AmyMaand geleden
  • I at least appreciate the transparent nature of it being an ad.

    Maus Oz ArtMaus Oz ArtMaand geleden
    • @Susanne Moseid Bryhni The title of the video says "Presented by Athleta"

      MossfaerieMossfaerieMaand geleden
    • They dont actually write the fact it is an ad. Kinda strange but i guess the US doesnt adhere to the rest of the west

      Susanne Moseid BryhniSusanne Moseid BryhniMaand geleden
  • Tights really are the go to clothing item for me !! 😂😂

    Armoni SloanArmoni SloanMaand geleden
  • Lol me

    henlo peepshenlo peepsMaand geleden
  • BUZZFEED for LIFE 😼🤝😼

    Korokara the gamer !!Korokara the gamer !!Maand geleden
  • “Who’s Been A TRUE FAN FOR OVER A YEAR”🍪

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