PRETTYMUCH Plays Who's Who

26 mrt. 2021
41 520 Weergaven

With the release of their new EP "Smackables" the boys of PRETTYMUCH sat down with us to play a game of Who's Who! Who's always forgetting choreo? Who's always ghosting in the group chat? Watch to find out! #PRETTYMUCH #Smackables #BuzzFeed
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  • austin's just stuck in the corner of the couch while zion has room to scoot over lmaooo

    K'Chelle Cherie'K'Chelle Cherie'4 dagen geleden
  • I feel like i just watched a family that has successfully been in therapy and supports each other mad hard love to see it

    YANA thealphaYANA thealpha7 dagen geleden
  • “Which makes no sense.”

    Im_just_weird_courtney !-PIm_just_weird_courtney !-P7 dagen geleden
  • Not me simping for Brandon🤦🏽‍♀️ That man is too fine

    J NicoleJ Nicole9 dagen geleden
  • i still remember seeing iconic boys on tv. its so surreal that one of the members is in a group i like now

    Sam CarmenSam Carmen9 dagen geleden

  • austin is capping with the "adhd" excuse, as someone who has adhd, i can tell you we forget everything that doesn't interest us enough to focus on it or remember it :) esp if it's something like muscle memory

    Ana RudaljevićAna Rudaljević12 dagen geleden
  • im literally in love with nick plssss

    fatemeh mfatemeh m12 dagen geleden
  • Austin is so adorable 🥰

    Jayleen De Hoyo AsturiasJayleen De Hoyo Asturias15 dagen geleden
  • So cute

    Deven ThomasDeven Thomas17 dagen geleden
  • Omg Brandon has my heart

    Peyton NicholasPeyton Nicholas17 dagen geleden
  • Zions face the whole interview: 😐 What a mood bro

    Sofie HerreraSofie Herrera18 dagen geleden
    • Me during quarantine 🤣

      Jisoo MochiJisoo Mochi4 dagen geleden
  • Zion looks like he just woke up from that nap

    Teryn BTeryn B19 dagen geleden
  • no way nick likes dunkin as much as i do wow my husband

    havana wadehavana wade19 dagen geleden
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Ana Lu AraujoAna Lu Araujo21 dag geleden
  • eu sou mt cadelinha mesmo

    elke juliannaelke julianna21 dag geleden
  • Brandon and Edwin have like eight different types of cameras but all their interviews are in bad quality lol

    priscila ferreyrapriscila ferreyra21 dag geleden
  • Zion's mood always send me

    Mayar MoamenMayar Moamen21 dag geleden
  • wow this is the most of heard zion speak in their recent interviews lmaooo i love it

    kat trujillokat trujillo21 dag geleden
  • my fluff boyssss🥺💖💖💖💖💖💖

    ariana grande's cokeariana grande's coke21 dag geleden
  • “ I like it but I don’t like it “ - Nick Mara

    MannyyyMannyyy21 dag geleden
  • Let’s not forget that Austin was the one that poured water Zion to get him up and outta bed 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    William Roth Sr.William Roth Sr.22 dagen geleden
    • @mayo I don’t Think I’ve seen that before lmao 😜

      William Roth Sr.William Roth Sr.18 dagen geleden
    • reminds me of that one video where zion was slapped while he was sleeping and slapped edwin, who was also sleeping, because he thought he was the one who slapped him lmaoo

      mayomayo18 dagen geleden
  • The comments are so limited, come one BEANZ!😭

    it disgraces me to be related to youit disgraces me to be related to you22 dagen geleden
  • bruh remember when BuzzFeed used to be a SJW propaganda channel now there just well what ever this is

    Emrys GeibhendachEmrys Geibhendach22 dagen geleden
  • Edwin did not just say make sure you twerk to their music 😂😂

    Naelle SweetingNaelle Sweeting22 dagen geleden
  • Why are they so cute 😭

    『 lavenderette 』『 lavenderette 』22 dagen geleden
  • Big fan buddys

    Mukul GurungMukul Gurung22 dagen geleden
  • Wow I didnt know Buzzfeed had good taste in music, prettymuch is the most talented western boy band

    Ron_VongRon_Vong22 dagen geleden
  • z is talking🥺🥺🥺

    Nawwarah NazriNawwarah Nazri22 dagen geleden

    Nawwarah NazriNawwarah Nazri22 dagen geleden
  • Zion the whole time 👁👄👁

    Emma AnbergEmma Anberg22 dagen geleden
  • This video confirms how truly oblivious Nick is😬😱

    asian persuasionasian persuasion22 dagen geleden
  • They know the dnd is in settings so it doesn’t notify u

    Kenya FrancisKenya Francis22 dagen geleden
  • have you considered appealing to a more mature audience?

    Patrick OlsonPatrick Olson22 dagen geleden
  • Where my PRETTYMUCH fans at?! 🙌🏼😍

    LarissaliloxLarissalilox22 dagen geleden
  • It’s the way i was shouting out all the answers with them 😂

    Ajhani UniqueAjhani Unique22 dagen geleden
    • and getting em right like we know them better than ourselves haha

      kittyquiquikittyquiqui7 dagen geleden
    • ahaha sameee

      obsessed stanobsessed stan13 dagen geleden
  • the entire concept of nick being on his phone 24/7 but not responding trips me up LMAOOO Love these boys

    Fion LawFion Law22 dagen geleden
  • Nick all of yall are prettyy

    Jennifer DelrioJennifer Delrio22 dagen geleden

    Jennifer DelrioJennifer Delrio22 dagen geleden
  • I loved this so much😭😂

    Jennifer DelrioJennifer Delrio22 dagen geleden

    Blue Penguin607Blue Penguin60722 dagen geleden
  • I posted a edit of Corpus Christi on my ig and Nick , liked, commented and reposted it and I was like “ wow this man ain’t never been this active” and he was the last person I thought would see it

    AmaryanaAmaryana22 dagen geleden
  • It's crazy because recently I realized that know out of everyone I know Nick the less...but in this video he definitely stood out more....I love them...

    Blair🦋Blair🦋22 dagen geleden
  • I love them...I honestly love them...

    Blair🦋Blair🦋22 dagen geleden
  • Love this video 💕

    Shakeera SalieShakeera Salie22 dagen geleden

    Bri CortesBri Cortes22 dagen geleden
    • like fr👀

      Amber-Mae JacobsAmber-Mae Jacobs22 dagen geleden
  • Whyy are there so little comments tho😂😭

    Christina ChowChristina Chow22 dagen geleden
  • Aww 🥺🥺love them 😘

    Peo RamabuPeo Ramabu22 dagen geleden
  • hello there

    Its RoseIts Rose22 dagen geleden
  • My friend has a PUMA giveaway on her Instagram 'Hollyemilyjackson' I really want to see her do well with her first collab, please could any of you like and/or comment on it 🥺

    Victoria LamVictoria Lam22 dagen geleden
  • Why are they so underrated.. 😥

    Bella BrooksBella Brooks22 dagen geleden
  • I love them so much 😭

    Juliana SilvaJuliana Silva22 dagen geleden
  • They all spoke in this one especially Zion I love that😁😁😜😜🥰🥰😆😆👏👏

    Nana MarfoNana Marfo22 dagen geleden
    • rightttt

      obsessed stanobsessed stan13 dagen geleden
  • More content of my fave boys? I think yes😁💞

    Isabel SosaIsabel Sosa22 dagen geleden
  • i will GLADLY write the next prettymuch hit. hmu

    KainazKainaz22 dagen geleden

    KainazKainaz22 dagen geleden

    KainazKainaz22 dagen geleden
  • Yesssirrr

    Alexandra IsabelAlexandra Isabel22 dagen geleden
  • nick sees posts that he likes but doesn’t physically like them... that’s true! he shares my art on his IG but never actually likes them 😭😭

    Nazish IftiazNazish Iftiaz22 dagen geleden
    • Hahaha yes! Where you from??

      Ranferi DelabraRanferi Delabra20 dagen geleden
  • nick be seeing our stuff but don’t like it💀

    itsNyaitsNya22 dagen geleden
  • if nick doesn’t respond to them in their gc and isn’t active on his socials, what’s he spending so much time on his phone doing?? 😂😂

    Nazish IftiazNazish Iftiaz22 dagen geleden
    • The OGs know he is on Google maps 😂

      Freeda F.Freeda F.10 dagen geleden
    • @Marie-N'deh EHOLIE or he’s spending lots of time as Mr. Boo Lovin lmfaooo

      Nazish IftiazNazish Iftiaz21 dag geleden
    • Might be texting his mom idk

      Marie-N'deh EHOLIEMarie-N'deh EHOLIE22 dagen geleden
    • Requested: Around The World: Donuts

      Yee PheohChinYee PheohChin22 dagen geleden
    • @Amber-Mae Jacobs THIS MAN ISTG 😭

      Nazish IftiazNazish Iftiaz22 dagen geleden
  • I fell in love with them because of buzzfeed

    VALENZUELA FamilyVALENZUELA Family22 dagen geleden
  • I’m getting strong O2L vibes from this

    Simon TobiasSimon Tobias22 dagen geleden
  • Never heard of them before but they look fun 😆

    SparraSparra22 dagen geleden
    • Best group hands down

      Teryn BTeryn B19 dagen geleden
    • You should definitely check them!! They are fire🔥🔥

      Abigail GarciaAbigail Garcia21 dag geleden
    • They are

      MannyyyMannyyy21 dag geleden
  • they’re so underrated. it just makes me love them even more. their hard work goes unnoticed.

    shiah kuwonushiah kuwonu22 dagen geleden
    • Honestly though they work there ass off

      Kayla MayfieldKayla Mayfield17 dagen geleden
    • I KNOW!!

      Tanaya TembeTanaya Tembe20 dagen geleden
    • ikr!!

      『 lavenderette 』『 lavenderette 』22 dagen geleden
  • Bruhhhh they been missing for years wtf happened to them I enjoyed the hell out of their music before

    chillgirldchillgirld22 dagen geleden
    • they changed labels, now a new ep is out

      Monique FMonique F22 dagen geleden
    • You’re in for a treat then.

      Victoria GiddingsVictoria Giddings22 dagen geleden
    • they just released a new ep called smackables

      laralara22 dagen geleden
  • i love u guysss soo muchh

    Risha MakhijaniRisha Makhijani22 dagen geleden
  • a very verry very very very very underrated boy that needs more love

    Valerie AgueroValerie Aguero22 dagen geleden
    • they do need more love 🥺 they’re amazing

      『 lavenderette 』『 lavenderette 』22 dagen geleden
  • I love them.

    MsFlipped365MsFlipped36522 dagen geleden
  • finally some 🔥🔥🔥 content

    ValentinaValentina22 dagen geleden
  • They’re so underrated it’s sad. They deserve WAY more recognition😩

    elynot_foundelynot_found22 dagen geleden
    • Yeahhh😢

      obsessed stanobsessed stan13 dagen geleden
  • Lovely shearing so fun plz give shout out thanks 👍👍😍😍😍😍

    Sara’s KitchenSara’s Kitchen22 dagen geleden
  • let's goo our very very underrated "boyband"

    colecole22 dagen geleden
  • I am a part of The BEANZ Comm

    Skylar OSkylar O22 dagen geleden
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤⚘⚘⚘

    سيف محمدسيف محمد22 dagen geleden

    zoe Bzoe B22 dagen geleden
  • Pretty much lol

    HighzakaiHighzakai22 dagen geleden
  • Y is my husband Zion so fine 😩😩😩😩

    Treniece BTreniece B22 dagen geleden
  • Damn

    Paulo PalomoPaulo Palomo22 dagen geleden
  • fm' cne wjsh xbrfnovk dfszch bxtgfzcxrbf xve

    TacoBoxedyouTacoBoxedyou22 dagen geleden
  • This was so fun to watch 🙀😸

    Sandella ArthurSandella Arthur22 dagen geleden
  • i love them omg 😩😩😩

    AnaMartha VargasAnaMartha Vargas22 dagen geleden
  • First

    Geogranator EyadGeogranator Eyad22 dagen geleden
  • 1st viewer

    Toxic TunesToxic Tunes22 dagen geleden
  • my boys

    Bella LarsonBella Larson22 dagen geleden
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