We Ate Meals From Around The World For A Week • Mom In Progress

6 mrt. 2021
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Hannah’s followers provide her with a week of delicious recipes from across the globe. Which one is your favorite?
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Check out our featured recipes:
Pav bhaji: m.nlworld.info/key/video/0oVyi6yQqqapnq4
Poutine: www.seasonsandsuppers.ca/authentic-canadian-poutine-recipe/
Doubles: eatahfoodtt.com/simplylocal/doubles/
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Trinidad-style potatoes and chickpeas for story in Voraciously
The Washington Post/Getty Images
Adobo Spatchcocked Chicken for story in Voraciously
The Washington Post/Getty Images
Daily Camera Archives
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pav bhaji
Vrinda Mahesh/Getty Images
Pav Bhaji
jayk7/Getty Images
SILVER SPRING, MD - NOVEMBER 22: The spanakopita at the Greek
The Washington Post/Getty Images
Divali Festival in Trinidad and Tobago
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Greece Flag Round Icon. Vector Illustration
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Cuba - Round Flag Vector Glossy Icon
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Brazil Flag Icon. Vector Illustration
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Canada Flag Round Icon. Vector Illustration
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Glossy Button - Flag of Trinidad and Tobago
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Flags of Philippines - icon set
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Indian Marble
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Beef stew made in the Cuban cuisine style
Yelena Rodriguez Mena/Getty Images
The traditional Brazilian dessert Brigadeiro
FG Trade/Getty Images
Motion of a plastic fork digging in a poutine, famous Quebec dish made with french fries, cheddar cheese curds and brown gravy.
Instants/Getty Images
Dhal Puri Fried in a Frying Pan
Rafael Ben-Ari/Getty Images
MS ZO Human hand packing Pav-bhaji in food stall / Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India
PhotosIndia/Getty Images

  • Oop when she said don’t watch on an empty stomach i’m like OOF i’m fasting happy ramadan!!!

    ᴀɴɴɪᴇ Hᴀsᴇᴇʙシᴀɴɴɪᴇ Hᴀsᴇᴇʙシ31 minuut geleden
  • The doubles from Trinidad is very similar to chole Bhature from India.. makes sense as Trinidad has a lot of Indian origin people

    AadhyaAadhya58 minuten geleden
  • the doubles from trinidad are a almost same as chole puri from India

    Kanak AgarwalKanak Agarwal5 uur geleden
  • i now realyse that Henry has NO eybrows 🤣🤣🤣

    Minecraft Grace TubeMinecraft Grace Tube20 uur geleden
  • I want thai food pls

    Saravut AimmodeSaravut Aimmode22 uur geleden
  • We do know what were doing 🇧🇷🇧🇷

    Maria Clara PrazeresMaria Clara PrazeresDag geleden
  • Oh, Adobom is so good but you should also make synygang its like a vegetable and meat soup it's so good and also sour it's delicious with rice.

    Maya LaysonMaya LaysonDag geleden
  • my grandma used to make the spanakopita rolled into spirals, i liked it even better than the regular ones. Just roll them into a line, covering the phyllo over the spinach mixture, then roll it up into the spiral!

    AnnaAnnaDag geleden
  • As a asian please use a spoon when you eat rice fork is for poking not scooping. Scooping is for spoon

    DraiconDraiconDag geleden
  • The பவ் baiji

    Vaishalini RaviVaishalini Ravi2 dagen geleden
  • Well that doubles is literally looking like chole bhature from India 🇮🇳! It’s Delish

    Vidhi GuptaVidhi Gupta2 dagen geleden
  • I love that you are introducing your children to different foods. So important to do that. Helps to teach them and train their palates to new tastes. LOL, as a proud Canadian, I have to say, substituting mozzarella cheese for cheese curds is a bit blasphemous and NOT poutine. ;) I totally recommend trying it again with cheese curds which, IMO what makes the dish.

    Sue TamSue Tam2 dagen geleden
  • Jackson is a mood lol. Just love your videos Hannah! :-)

    Ebony ShareeEbony Sharee2 dagen geleden
  • It's like we are invited for dinner at her house

    David WangDavid Wang2 dagen geleden
  • this is a really good show. one day i'm going to start a family with Vanessa Chan. Family life sounds exciting! I gotta learn to support her

    David WangDavid Wang2 dagen geleden
  • As a Trinidadian...that looked supppppeerrrrrr good!!!! Great job Hannah:)))

    CailynCailyn2 dagen geleden
  • i wonder would hannas family like some Finnish food, like Karjalanpiirakka and some other types of Finnish culture of food

    Neptune VasilNeptune Vasil2 dagen geleden
  • I want you to do this again!!!!

    Yelena RotarYelena Rotar3 dagen geleden
  • hannah is like the best thing to watch on buzzfeed for like years , her content is chill and really enjoyable !!

    jimikianjimikian3 dagen geleden
  • A friendly advice pav bhaji is eaten with onions and butter 🧈

    Khyathi ReddyKhyathi Reddy3 dagen geleden
  • Hannah: Dont watch with a empty stomach Me watching it while fasting during Ramadan: 👍

    Priota PermitaPriota Permita3 dagen geleden
  • I love poutine despite only having tried it once in 6 years.That’s how good it is

    Ethan ViviEthan Vivi3 dagen geleden
  • I love how Hannah is doing this to let her kids learn Equality while making it interactive at the same time.Good job!

    Ethan ViviEthan Vivi3 dagen geleden
  • Who else is cringing when she said “I am making Chicken ADoBo” Also, you can add potatoes when you want some vegetables.

    Deuce VillanuevaDeuce Villanueva3 dagen geleden
  • You are such cool mom!

    Maggie 1975Maggie 19753 dagen geleden
  • I don't want to subscribe to buzzfeed whatsoever and sick and tired of searching for Hannah specifically every time. I wish she made "i left buzzfeed" video asap and had her own huge and loving community. Hannah, you're amazing ❤️

    **3 dagen geleden
  • Hannah is so funny she is eating the chicken with tongs

    Sunitha SankeSunitha Sanke3 dagen geleden
  • Random Comment : CBSE board exam class 10 board exam got cancelled...!

    Saraswati ArunSaraswati Arun3 dagen geleden
  • hannah really is a mum to 3 kids AND carries buzzfeed. WOW.

    aarya kamataarya kamat4 dagen geleden
  • Why am i watching this while fasting im so hungry right now

    Ejlal SumbalEjlal Sumbal4 dagen geleden
  • pleeeaase make more brazilian foods

    Sofia LaudaresSofia Laudares4 dagen geleden
  • Please do this and do continents .... start with Africa !!!!!

    Nathanson OdonkorNathanson Odonkor4 dagen geleden
  • NO AFRICAN!!!!!??😭😭😭😭

    Nathanson OdonkorNathanson Odonkor4 dagen geleden
  • omg !!!! i love this !!!!

    NikiynovaNikiynova4 dagen geleden
  • i call them Disco fries over here in jersey 😭🥰😍😍😭😭

    NikiynovaNikiynova4 dagen geleden
  • You should do a week of TikTok recipes

    Vi JayVi Jay5 dagen geleden
  • at this point, wyatt might just grow up to be an amazing food critic😌

    Reyna WanReyna Wan5 dagen geleden
  • Wait!! Wasn't that last dish chole bhature!? Wooh even Spain has its version 🤯🤯🤯

    Here's__tritHere's__trit6 dagen geleden
  • I am Indian great job Hannah

    Formula1 WeeklyFormula1 Weekly6 dagen geleden
  • The last dish we call it Channa Puri in our country Pakistan

    Mahnoor HussainMahnoor Hussain6 dagen geleden
  • The Trinidad dish literally Puri Chhole though xD (no disrespect intended)

    Shruthi MShruthi M7 dagen geleden
  • can we notice how much of these meals are vegetarians? I love that :)

    AnaïsAnaïs7 dagen geleden
  • I love Chicken/Pork adobo💖..very easy to cook as well..

    Em EmEm Em7 dagen geleden
  • My friend is Philippineo and every time I got to her house her mom makes this bread that is amazing it’s so good!

    xXQuacknuggetXxxXQuacknuggetXx8 dagen geleden
  • here in Brazil we don't always roll de brigadeiro, it's usually done like this for birthday partys! you can put it in a plate, let it cool and eat it straight from there, it's really good to eat with family or friends while watching a movie

    Maria SucarMaria Sucar8 dagen geleden
  • This video makes me so happy. I love how your kids actually tried it and didn’t spit it out or anything like that. All these recipes looks soo good

    ShyeemayeShyeemaye8 dagen geleden
  • try some curry

  • Pav Bhaji the icon for Indians

    Samridhi AhujaSamridhi Ahuja9 dagen geleden
  • I would 100% love to do this with my children. This is my family two kiddies and myself so it's going to be a great experience 😊

    Tammara ReidTammara Reid9 dagen geleden
  • The last dish you made is actually indian it is called chole bhature or channa bhature it originated in india 🙂

    Mani_playsMani_plays9 dagen geleden
  • I'm really happy that they loved Brigadeiro! My Brazilian heart warmed up! So proud!! ❤️❤️

    金城Yumi金城Yumi9 dagen geleden
  • So Trinidad has their own version of Chhole Bhature ♥️

    Pragya NigamPragya Nigam9 dagen geleden
  • Do a part two Hannah! Loved it!

    V S SugunaV S Suguna10 dagen geleden
  • I made chicken adobo last year. OMG just soooo good. I ate it with rice and I was just super impressed with the recipe.

    champslimchampslim10 dagen geleden
  • Not the frozen fries for the Poutine 😭

    Ablah ElakramAblah Elakram10 dagen geleden
  • hey im Eduardo from merida one food that i recomend is tamales or panuchos

    Eduardo ValesEduardo Vales10 dagen geleden
  • Thanks All 💔💔💔

    TechnicalFaisalIqbalTechnicalFaisalIqbal10 dagen geleden
  • I used to watch her every single day, and now I stopped and there is a new baby 👁👄👁

    Geordie CowdroyGeordie Cowdroy11 dagen geleden
  • I’m from brazil

    Butterfly ABRButterfly ABR11 dagen geleden
  • For pav bhaji u can just put it in a food processor

    Karanveer SalujaKaranveer Saluja12 dagen geleden
  • It's pronounced pimIentos, with I

    Vicente RodrigoVicente Rodrigo12 dagen geleden

    neoxneox13 dagen geleden
  • Hey Hannah! Actually the last dish is also found in India too

    Meenu BhattMeenu Bhatt13 dagen geleden
  • As a Filipino, seeing Soy Sauce would be the best.

    IsaacGT08IsaacGT0814 dagen geleden
  • Why is the last dish a Nepali dish!!Bruh "Puri Tarkari" It's legit puri tarkari💃✌

    Bijeta NeupaneBijeta Neupane14 dagen geleden
  • I am Greek and honestly the spanakopita looked amazing! This video was really nice and I think I might try some other recipes that you made. Everything looked really good!

    Sia MSia M14 dagen geleden
  • hey im from trinidad.. ill be honest you made those doules better than some people that live here... crazy... keep up the great work

    Michael FigueiraMichael Figueira14 dagen geleden
  • Ate this on an empty stomach, big mistake...

    BlueHuskyYTBlueHuskyYT14 dagen geleden
  • Double is just bite size chole bhature.

    Aayush SinghAayush Singh14 dagen geleden
  • Wyatt wanting to be sweet to the camera and saying it tastes good even though he clearly doesn’t like it as much

    Niharika ChitrakarNiharika Chitrakar14 dagen geleden
  • Me watching this when I’m hungry 👁👄👁

    Andrea TorresAndrea Torres14 dagen geleden
  • Isnt the dish from Trinidad just the same as chole bhature??

    Harshit SrivastavaHarshit Srivastava15 dagen geleden
  • Doubles is Indian chole bhatture 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Palak ShahPalak Shah15 dagen geleden
  • Try no added salt for a week

    Raver_ JDB2007Raver_ JDB200715 dagen geleden
  • My siblings are so picky and wouldn’t even try it

    TheBridgeGirl 2000TheBridgeGirl 200015 dagen geleden
  • The Doubles is called Puri= the fried dough Chana sabji= chickpea curry 😂 ( in india)

    Swagatika BeheraSwagatika Behera16 dagen geleden
  • The "doubles" is a dish from india. Called poori cholle. Google it.

    puneet singhpuneet singh16 dagen geleden
  • DO A PART 2!

    Riri JennerRiri Jenner16 dagen geleden
  • The last dish reminds me of chole bhattura from punjab. So cool

    Satpreet KaurSatpreet Kaur17 dagen geleden
  • that's the most sad looking pav bhaji i've ever seen :(

    Mahika RawalMahika Rawal17 dagen geleden
  • Brigadeiro é bom de mais

    Sempre que voce ler os comentarios eu estarei laSempre que voce ler os comentarios eu estarei la17 dagen geleden
  • 2:09 HAHA

    Rebecca KhosravaniRebecca Khosravani17 dagen geleden
  • Wyatt is a raiders fan?!

    Giovanni PiñaGiovanni Piña17 dagen geleden
  • Let's maybe not capitalize off our children having online presence before they even understand what that can mean It's wonderful that you're doing this to teach your kids to be more accepting and understanding of other cultures but it can be very damaging to have this kind of internet presence this young

    Allessandra PeirceAllessandra Peirce17 dagen geleden
  • And my mom said I can't eat dessert before dinner... I'm jealous lol. I'm glad you guys enjoyed making these dishes! They look awesome 😋

    Nodie 318Nodie 31817 dagen geleden
  • What a week would be like with a nanny!

    C GC G18 dagen geleden
  • Love Wyatt!! Also you can make chicken adobo flakes... which is easy to make and delish! I eat it with a Filipino pico de gallo... chopped tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and chopped mango (green if you can get it) .

    Maria Josefina MontesMaria Josefina Montes18 dagen geleden
  • Wyatt hadn’t even swallowed the chicken and he gave thumbs up that’s how you know it’s good haha

    AuroraAurora18 dagen geleden
  • You burning yourself teaching you not to try it without your kids 🤣

    AuroraAurora18 dagen geleden
  • You're going to 0:03

    Mybroid X-YMybroid X-Y18 dagen geleden
  • Use a lot msg

    mingdi zhengmingdi zheng18 dagen geleden
  • Where is the tea haiyahh

    mingdi zhengmingdi zheng18 dagen geleden
  • its PI-MI-EN-TOS

    Annabelle ChevalierAnnabelle Chevalier18 dagen geleden
  • Hi it good, you need to make lentejas Mexican food.

    antonioantonio18 dagen geleden
  • Btw Henry is soooooo cute ☺️

    Emma StevensEmma Stevens19 dagen geleden
  • I was just waiting anxiously for Hannah to say pav bhaji wrong🤣😂. You say it as 'pao' bhaji not 'pav' bhaji.

    Ariane DuttaAriane Dutta19 dagen geleden
  • MDH is every where

    Robert SantamariaRobert Santamaria19 dagen geleden
  • Wyatt I feel likes he hates every single thing but he is hiding it

    ChefMeruemChefMeruem19 dagen geleden
  • Can you try maltese food pls??? Pwease

    Keziah MicallefKeziah Micallef19 dagen geleden
  • I love that in every video the kids are just so nice well behaved and respectful.

    LBF LittleButterflyLBF LittleButterfly19 dagen geleden