We Let Our Baby Choose Dinner For A Week • Mom In Progress

13 mrt. 2021
565 031 Weergaven

Hannah lets baby Henry choose the family’s dinner every night for a week. What could possibly go wrong?
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Feta pasta recipe courtesy Daniella Shaba
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  • "Husband takes over for a week". He takes your spot and vlogs, cooks, etc. At least making him cook for a week, every meal

    Kylie LKylie L3 uur geleden
  • He looks like Wyatt's twin than brother

    Subhicsha sSubhicsha sDag geleden
  • People do coke chicken in the south all the time, it’s really good! Just gives a good flavor 😉

    Heather LynseyHeather LynseyDag geleden
  • i don’t eat chicken but that looked so yummy and the pudding crazy

    anne greenwoodanne greenwood2 dagen geleden
  • The only reason I watch buzzfeed is because of Hannah and mominprogres

    Anokhi AdapalaAnokhi Adapala2 dagen geleden
  • Waiting for that weird meals cookbook!

    Danjella LamersDanjella Lamers2 dagen geleden
  • I actually tried Bread pudding and baked potato and asparagus at home and I agree with you!

    Ethan ViviEthan Vivi3 dagen geleden
  • Video idea:My husband Cooks food for a week (I think they will have delivery for a week)

    Ethan ViviEthan Vivi3 dagen geleden
  • Too freaking cute

    Samantha StarkerSamantha Starker4 dagen geleden
  • Please make a cookbook 😭😭

    May IndigoMay Indigo5 dagen geleden
  • Anyone else's favorite line "Henry, why are you sad? I'm sad. Now I have to make donut dinner." IT GETS ME EVERY TIME

    Holly JHolly J6 dagen geleden
  • I wonder how your boys (including Matt) understand gender rolls in the domestic space.

    JTJT7 dagen geleden
  • it's so fun to see matt finally talking 😂 it really is the smallest things. Wish i could see him cook for a week! LOL

    Miyari MinamiMiyari Minami8 dagen geleden
  • it felt like last month when the video when henry was born was released

    WeatherinmeWeatherinme9 dagen geleden
  • This is brilliant 😁

    helen robinsonhelen robinson9 dagen geleden
  • I'm here for a matt video, that'll be exciting!

    Darcy JuddDarcy Judd9 dagen geleden
  • You should do a "my kids cook for the week"

    God isgoodxoxGod isgoodxox9 dagen geleden
  • “Baby giving kisses to random people”

    Cheating CatCheating Cat9 dagen geleden
  • Henry's definitely got hannahs face its so cute💕

    got bored and moved some claygot bored and moved some clay10 dagen geleden
  • I've made the kids a menu of their choices, with so much variety. I'm so proud and excited to get started

    Tammara ReidTammara Reid11 dagen geleden
  • 7:34 "Cooking with kids is not easier." What I heard: "Cooking kids is not easier."

    Nora AzizNora Aziz12 dagen geleden
  • Henry has a big head that means he has a big heart and big brain which means Henry is SUPER smart

    Blake ThomasonBlake Thomason13 dagen geleden
  • Hannah annoys me so much how can she say “the most OK’est mum” she’s the best

    Marley HughesMarley Hughes13 dagen geleden
  • Its plantains that get fried not bananas 😂

    Ivan AguilarIvan Aguilar14 dagen geleden
  • I thought in Day 6 dinner she will make a chicken & egg waffle sandwich

    chaylene huangchaylene huang15 dagen geleden
  • I would definitely buy that cookbook

    JM MieuxJM Mieux15 dagen geleden
  • Fun fact how old is henry

    Giovanni PiñaGiovanni Piña15 dagen geleden
  • 3:35 is Jackson wearing a Supermarket Sweep shirt? lol

    Ben RoordaBen Roorda15 dagen geleden
  • Does he have alopecia

    Ciara NgobehCiara Ngobeh15 dagen geleden
  • Crispy banana is a common food in Indonesia, some sellers also give toppings on top of the crispy banana. That would be an amazing dessert 😋

    Friska DitaFriska Dita16 dagen geleden
  • She coulda made banana chips instead. And to spice things up, use spices like paprika or something.

    Samina MaishaSamina Maisha16 dagen geleden
  • Please cookbook lol

    Melanie DevineMelanie Devine16 dagen geleden
  • Wyatt ka mundan nahi hua kya?

    Krisha and Ghrecey's Fun zoneKrisha and Ghrecey's Fun zone17 dagen geleden
  • Pls do Husband chooses meal for a week

  • I love how in 9:46 she still did asparagus even Henry didnt chose that

    Janelle SndrJanelle Sndr17 dagen geleden
  • Henry eating the donut: 😳🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 WHAT THE HECK WENT INTO MY MOUTH THIS IS GREAT

    Kiwi_girlKiwi_girl18 dagen geleden
  • Henry looks like the baby from toy story

    Hiba MuneebHiba Muneeb18 dagen geleden
  • plz make a video at your pool side maybe last to leave the pool will decide meals for a week

    junaid mehmoodjunaid mehmood18 dagen geleden
  • Do gluten free for a week!

    Sofia CentroneSofia Centrone18 dagen geleden
  • Let matt decide what to eat for a week

    sbr focussbr focus19 dagen geleden
  • I mean the fact that Henry had his first sugar dose... That's the literal meaning of "Sugar Rush" 😂

    Phoenix ΔΔΔPhoenix ΔΔΔ19 dagen geleden
  • omg ok I didn't know cola-chicken was a common thing. I had Dr. Pepper Chicken one time when I was on tour with drum corps and it was good but I was CONFUSED at first.

    Little StargazerrLittle Stargazerr19 dagen geleden
  • Can you guys please include Rosey in your videos.please

    chemical planetchemical planet21 dag geleden
  • The statuesque tortoise histochemically gaze because paul histopathologically fail aside a adhesive armenian. glistening glorious, vacuous icebreaker

    Lockwood ReeberLockwood Reeber21 dag geleden
  • We need a Hannah Williams cookbook

    Electric PansiesElectric Pansies21 dag geleden
  • Instead of regular banana could have made tostones

    Christen GardnerChristen Gardner21 dag geleden
  • Plantain is so smart

    Christen GardnerChristen Gardner21 dag geleden
  • Banana pudding and chicken and then soda or fry the chicken in the soda it’s pretty cool

    Christen GardnerChristen Gardner21 dag geleden
  • You and your family need a whole show omg ur my favorite person to watch on NLworld

    Christen GardnerChristen Gardner21 dag geleden
  • Henry looks like wyatt without hair so adorable!

    April QuinnApril Quinn21 dag geleden
  • A day where kids are adults and adults kids

    松野カラgirl Lena_chan松野カラgirl Lena_chan21 dag geleden
  • Waiting for New videos

    SejalSejal21 dag geleden
  • Do the one color food marathon

    Katherine DobiasKatherine Dobias22 dagen geleden
  • For once let matttt choose your dinner

    Bhumika MewatiBhumika Mewati22 dagen geleden
  • YOU DONT FRY BANNANAS U FRY PLANTIAN there's green plantains and yellow, yellow is sweet green is not just fry in oil :D plantains are parent of the banana family tho

    xFrostxFrost22 dagen geleden
  • Now I want ribs

    Yelyahfan88 xYelyahfan88 x22 dagen geleden
  • Wyatt acts like a First-Class Passenger From the Titanic ⛴ 🤣🤣🤣

    Liliana FloresLiliana Flores22 dagen geleden
  • My theory is that Henry goes to Wyatt because he thinks it’s a mirror

    Lili YurchLili Yurch22 dagen geleden
  • I so want to try the chicken...... will have to wait until after the baby comes as chicken aversion is strong right now.

    clumsypuffclumsypuff22 dagen geleden
  • Please, please, please make that cookbook!

    Stephanie SchuldenStephanie Schulden23 dagen geleden
  • 9:56 soooooo cuteee!🔥♥️

    Mythreyee ArunMythreyee Arun23 dagen geleden
  • i use k 12 too

    chels russellchels russell23 dagen geleden
  • Hey try doing diet swaps

    Sravani PapoluSravani Papolu23 dagen geleden
  • Instagram pick your meals :)

    El SmithEl Smith24 dagen geleden
  • Do a normal just what u guys eat in a week :)

    El SmithEl Smith24 dagen geleden
  • new matt line unlocked 🔑🔓 “oh my goodness@

    Rosie LongoriaRosie Longoria24 dagen geleden

    Rman NayrRman Nayr24 dagen geleden
  • buzzfeed should make hannahs husband do a dad in progress

    Hamdi AhmadHamdi Ahmad24 dagen geleden
  • Why do I feel like Henry looks like Archie 😅 Harry and Megan Markle son just me ? 😂😅

    Martyna LewickaMartyna Lewicka24 dagen geleden
  • The fact that you turned donuts into an actual part of dinner was the most impressive thing! When he picked Wyatt, I was momentarily concerned you'd just sit down with a box of dunkin...then I thought maybe donut sandwiches, but that's still a crazy amount of sugar

    soshiangel90soshiangel9024 dagen geleden
  • Definitely a great cookbook idea.

    Megan CunninghamMegan Cunningham24 dagen geleden
  • Wait. Those are not tacos jaja those are quesadillas. Mexican in Mexico here XD

    Andrea RuizAndrea Ruiz24 dagen geleden
  • Matt should also help you clean the house

    AllosinAllosin24 dagen geleden
  • Did they move houses?

    AllosinAllosin24 dagen geleden
  • Can we get a puppy update??

    MapleGrapleMapleGraple24 dagen geleden

    Nick HansenNick Hansen24 dagen geleden
  • I subbed to this channel b/c of you. Hannah. Give her raise and everything she wants BuzzFeed.

    azianchickazianchick25 dagen geleden
    • finished watching. LOVE this family. 💌

      azianchickazianchick25 dagen geleden
  • Please Hannah- please consider releasing a cookbook of your family's favorite/weird foods that you have made.

    Leslie HydeLeslie Hyde25 dagen geleden
  • I would put money on 15:14 hinting at a World's okayest mom cookbook. The cover looks too real for it to be a quick edit for the purpose of the video.

    Eden SwinnertonEden Swinnerton25 dagen geleden
  • You are so sweet! Your kids will sit there and critique the dinner you just spent hours on but you don't flip out at them

    Isabel NolkerIsabel Nolker25 dagen geleden
  • Can you do " i gave my children 100$ for shopping challenge"?

    marielle navarromarielle navarro25 dagen geleden
  • How come you're all using plastic forks are you moving house and haven´t unpacked the cuttlery?

    Jamie CrucefixJamie Crucefix25 dagen geleden
  • Pro tip: Add a block of cream cheese to the Feta pasta dish to make it way more creamy! 1000x times better with the cream cheese... talking from experience! :)

    Hana MarieHana Marie26 dagen geleden
  • Omg! His first time donot reaction was so good

    Diya JainDiya Jain26 dagen geleden
  • I'm form india and ya know there's banana chips here

    Mob YasirMob Yasir27 dagen geleden
  • Wait a sec .... That's square pizza ... Ahhhhh how could u

    Mob YasirMob Yasir27 dagen geleden
  • Jackson has a phone! 😂

    SoonPingSoonPing27 dagen geleden
  • I think my husband and I are going to try this with our one year old.

    Julia WikaryaszJulia Wikaryasz27 dagen geleden
  • I feel like Hannah should get a channel for vlogging! Loved this also!

    tomtom27 dagen geleden
  • Oh my gosh Henry's laughs and giggles are just adorable.

    Iridescent VampireIridescent Vampire27 dagen geleden
  • Do I banned salt for a week

    Raver_ JDB2007Raver_ JDB200727 dagen geleden
  • I can’t get over the boys’ honest review of the feta tomato pasta 🤣

    CJ LeeCJ Lee27 dagen geleden
  • Where is the new episode?

    Shanjida ShilaShanjida Shila28 dagen geleden
  • Where is today’s episode? :(

    Ak1d NiallAk1d Niall28 dagen geleden
  • We need an episode where may chooses the menu for a week

    Eva VazquezEva Vazquez28 dagen geleden
  • Hannah:I didn't know I raised a family full of food critiques Me:Maybe that's probably why I'm a picky eater. 😅

    Sylvia WuSylvia Wu28 dagen geleden
  • Hail Matt Montage lmao

    Nikyta NahidNikyta Nahid28 dagen geleden
  • Matt should be making dinner for a week! It would be a great video ❤️😂

    Nana Ama Bedua MensahNana Ama Bedua Mensah28 dagen geleden
  • Hannah is seriously making my live better! She is so productive and is such a great mom. Henry is growing so fast.

    Nana Ama Bedua MensahNana Ama Bedua Mensah28 dagen geleden
  • We need that donut banana bread recipe !!!

    Julieta SanchezJulieta Sanchez28 dagen geleden