We Turned A Chocolate Bar Back Into A Cacao Pod

5 mrt. 2021
93 169 Weergaven

Nick DiGiovanni turns a raw cacao pod into a chocolate bar, Luke Vincentini turns it back into a cacao pod, you freak out. Follow Nick on Instagram: instagram.com/nick.digiovanni/ Tik Tok: www.tiktok.com/@nick.digiovanni Twitter: twitter.com/chefnickdigiFacebook: facebook.com/chefnickdigi Follow Luke on Instagram: instagram.com/lukevincentiniTikTok: www.tiktok.com/@lukevincentiniWebsite: www.vincentinicakes.com/
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Luke Vincentini
Nick DiGiovanni

  • bruh moment

    MrThytenMrThytenDag geleden
  • omg everything is cake

    Nostalgic ArrowNostalgic Arrow7 dagen geleden
  • He hit his hand so hard😳😳

    GEETHESAVAGE2020 warrenGEETHESAVAGE2020 warren7 dagen geleden
  • I feel so cheated omg

    Wang_HyohyunWang_Hyohyun8 dagen geleden
  • 1:43 That slap thoooooo

    T3CHNICALT3CHNICAL10 dagen geleden

    Random guy on the internetRandom guy on the internet11 dagen geleden

    Rman NayrRman Nayr11 dagen geleden
  • CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rman NayrRman Nayr11 dagen geleden

    Rman NayrRman Nayr11 dagen geleden

    Rman NayrRman Nayr11 dagen geleden
  • My God you guys actually thought they were gonna turn that chocolate back into the actual cacao pod?

    Duy NguyễnDuy Nguyễn14 dagen geleden
  • 1:43 That slap I laughed harder than that 😆

    Samuel PunSamuel Pun17 dagen geleden
  • Oh man. I really thought he was going to turn it into an actual pod

    Hla SousaHla Sousa23 dagen geleden
  • I literally thought he was gonna turn it back to the actual coca

  • Ohh yeahh!😅

    Svetlana ZhigalinaSvetlana Zhigalina27 dagen geleden
  • Thumbnail just looks like Sir DiGiovanni become chubby.

    sxomebodysxomebodyMaand geleden
  • I can't wait to make chocolate we had some drying outside when saw thiss

    UniquelyKeiriUniquelyKeiriMaand geleden
  • The shivering timbale inherently rub because crawdad disappointedly reign outside a materialistic lycra. funny, ignorant peru

    David JarrahDavid JarrahMaand geleden
  • You grabbed a pan out of the oven with your bare hands! Tf!

    Toni GruToni GruMaand geleden
  • Luke the Bob Ross and Gordan Ramsay

    tee yenfangtee yenfangMaand geleden
  • Isn't it cake

    7275 G.Dheeya 7j7275 G.Dheeya 7jMaand geleden
  • The slap 😂 we all love chocolate i guess 1:41 2:29 4:54

    a Marsmallowa MarsmallowMaand geleden
  • Dick pod.

    Epic SausageEpic SausageMaand geleden
  • I just realised this is t on nicks channel

    WeillWeillMaand geleden
  • Cocoa pod -> Chocolate -> Cocoa pod

    Bea AllunaBea AllunaMaand geleden
  • Tell me how do you turn chocolate to cacao- No im not trying to make choco milk to make cacao taste milk

    ՞ Chieko ՞՞ Chieko ՞Maand geleden
  • Os it just me or everyone saw nick in colored shirt for the first time?!?!😂😂

    Nakul NairNakul NairMaand geleden
  • The termohter Nick is using looks like a lemon on a stick (like if u agree " comment)

    bunny worldbunny worldMaand geleden
  • Ca cow... Co Co 😑❤️🙏🏾 Lol I remember taking some I saw on a farm 🙊 it was free 🆓

    UniquelyKeiriUniquelyKeiriMaand geleden
  • Who else always watches Nick?

    Brooke NguyenBrooke NguyenMaand geleden
  • Who else thought that they we turn a chocolate bar back into cocoa nibs ?

    Emir HelvaciogluEmir HelvaciogluMaand geleden
  • Here I was thinking they were going to perform magic

    Noel AjayNoel AjayMaand geleden
  • Cool.. do more please

    Relita BerlinaRelita BerlinaMaand geleden
  • Knowing tasty I expected a cake also from seeing the thumbnail

    Yogitha ChukkalaYogitha ChukkalaMaand geleden
  • wait he works for buzzfeed now??

    Valesca AudreyValesca AudreyMaand geleden
  • No sane person would subscribe buzzfeed

    can i?can i?Maand geleden
  • i feel betrayed, but this makes more sense

    stefoehmenstefoehmenMaand geleden
  • is nobody gonna talk about how he just pulled it out of the oven with no mitts?

    kintykikintykiMaand geleden
  • he suppose to karate shop the cake

    Lek ana Mr bean el hindeLek ana Mr bean el hindeMaand geleden
  • damn that chocolate be sexy tho-

    •s h v r o••s h v r o•Maand geleden
  • amazingggg

    Samridhi ChandraSamridhi ChandraMaand geleden
  • bruh the title should be cacao pod cake

    寝る寝るMaand geleden
  • Lol I thought they are "really" gonna turn it back into the "real" cacao pod

    Lance CervanaLance CervanaMaand geleden
  • When you Uno reverse reverse a cacao pod:

    Cursed CommentsCursed CommentsMaand geleden
  • I love Nick is so charming and Luke isn't, it's a nice balance for a perfect video

    Jimena HerreraJimena HerreraMaand geleden
  • Omg the cacao pod is a cake

    Not JasonNot JasonMaand geleden
  • That other man is in so hurry to eat but all he gets is slap on his hand

  • Slap me Nick

    PPMaand geleden
  • when he made the cake it really gave me cake boss vibes

    Sarah BucheeriSarah BucheeriMaand geleden
  • I loved Nick on Masterchef

    tokidoki12tokidoki12Maand geleden
  • Its not a chocolate bar we call it in Jamaica we just literally call it chocolate we eat it by itself

    kazara Armstrong8joykazara Armstrong8joyMaand geleden
  • Everything in this video is fantastic starting from the idea and ending up with the editing, Great job

    eman albdairieman albdairiMaand geleden
  • I thought he was going to save one of the seeds and regrow a new one

    leen khlifatleen khlifatMaand geleden
  • Dang buzzfeed you ran out of ideas that now you need to trick us? I really thought there was gonna be some science to this

    Grace CuartoGrace CuartoMaand geleden
  • That cake looks better than anything tho

    Maria JamesMaria JamesMaand geleden
  • "This part of the bottom right here, is smooth as a baby's bottom"lmao

    MeGuMi KatoMeGuMi KatoMaand geleden
  • listen, my dudes, this was actually a really good video you guys need to have your own channel and stop working for buzzfeed😬😬

    Jessica LyonJessica LyonMaand geleden
  • Ngl I thought he was gonna make the chocolate back to a plant

    ひさひさMaand geleden
  • Wow no one in these comments has watched Masterchef? Hey, Nick!

    Ella BrownElla BrownMaand geleden
  • Why Nick gotta make everything you know

    NadiBRUH MMNadiBRUH MMMaand geleden
  • dude lets talk about the camera man getting his hand spanked for tryna eat the food

    SkreetSkreetMaand geleden
  • Interesting

    Allif HasnanAllif HasnanMaand geleden
  • Who thought they were gonna turn it back into an actual cacao pod

    farva batoolfarva batoolMaand geleden
  • I follow Nickdi Giovanni he is a great chef

    Fahima WahidFahima WahidMaand geleden
  • Oh so I’m guessing we all got played after he started to make a cake?

    Monke KillaMonke KillaMaand geleden
  • Eyy I love Nick!! Despite being an avid h8er of fondant, I must say that Luke did an exceptional job!

    KillerTacosKillerTacosMaand geleden
  • LIES!

    Cristy VegaCristy VegaMaand geleden
  • I've never been clickbaited this bad 😭😭😭😭

    Aaron AlbertAaron AlbertMaand geleden
  • I clicked on this video bc of chocolate and the cute guys 🤤

    VannahbabesVannahbabesMaand geleden
  • y'all should've posted this on tasty, the views will be so much better

    colecoleMaand geleden
  • wow i totally forgot about this channel

    GoofenGoofenMaand geleden
  • The title was misleading but I ain’t disappointed. Pretty impressed in fact!

    AarushAarushMaand geleden
  • that was really good you guys should make a series on benjamin buttoning foods if possible

    JARJCR97JARJCR97Maand geleden
  • I turned oxygen back into carbon dioxide

    Sujit JoshiSujit JoshiMaand geleden
  • the way he was manhandling those seeds were gross 🤮

    lux urylux uryMaand geleden
  • wow...thats an art right there....

    Yami ShoumetsuYami ShoumetsuMaand geleden
  • Umm... W H Y ??

    Hendrian FajarHendrian FajarMaand geleden
  • To say the title is misleading would be a gross understatement... he just makes it look like a pod.. wasted time.. normally love buzzfeed video, title intrigued me.. but then it was basically a lie.. Dislike

    onedualityonedualityMaand geleden
    • Even if it was a bit misleading, it wasn’t a waste of time because it looked cool :)

      oI fELIXoI fELIXMaand geleden
  • 1:44,2:29,4:54 Do not touch!!!!!!!!

    우사미의디저트갤러리우사미의디저트갤러리Maand geleden
  • Nick and chopping boards are Good friends .....trust me u dumboss

    AGENT PAGENT PMaand geleden
  • Am I the only one who thought he was gonna plant the chocolate or cocoa nibs and grow a cacao plant

    Mariam HajaraMariam HajaraMaand geleden
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  • when you know there is a fake reaction because they were filming almost like emotionless

    AlgnebeAlgnebeMaand geleden
  • logically I knew it wasn't possible to be a real cacao pod, but I was hopeful that they could prove me wrong and actually achieve this. it's 2021, weirder things have happened

    ApplesApplesMaand geleden
  • This type of filming and editing is so cool but im pretty sure it takes longer

    chloebearychloebearyMaand geleden
  • -_-

    Herbert MHerbert MMaand geleden
  • i miss eating cacao, we usually eat that while hanging out on the branch of the tree with my childhood friends...😁

    JustEmptyJustEmptyMaand geleden
  • Mind. Blown.

    Vic OrculloVic OrculloMaand geleden
  • Ok so im not so chem savvy, but im a little bit disappointed with this. The cake looks lovely and the process of turning the pod into a bar was cool, however i saw the title and expected them to try to break down the components as far as possible to their rawest form and to to sort of recreate it as closely as possible. I am pretty sure it can't be done fully, there's only so much u can manipulate nature (although correct me if I'm wrong) but would've been cool to see them try like the title suggested.

    S AS AMaand geleden
  • That knife flip was awesome. Like the best you have done

    Deepa AgarwaalDeepa AgarwaalMaand geleden
  • He slapped his hand hard bro

    Geisha Getting funkyGeisha Getting funkyMaand geleden
  • they look big pecans or truds

    VacuumMasterVacuumMasterMaand geleden
  • I thought you were gonna reverse engineer the chocolate back into pod buzzfeed wtf

    EqualsProEqualsProMaand geleden
  • y is this not on tasty

    Fatima MehzabinFatima MehzabinMaand geleden
  • aghhh! he’s from master chef!

    Kiragan MercerKiragan MercerMaand geleden

    vanity sanityvanity sanityMaand geleden
  • The editing in this is beautiful

    Swan CreatesSwan CreatesMaand geleden
  • he slapped the hand 😭🤚

    Adrianna LopezAdrianna LopezMaand geleden
  • fruit ninja 😂

    Adrianna LopezAdrianna LopezMaand geleden
  • Okay... So Nick too is a BuzzFeed network member... 25% surprised because although a bit shocking, I feel nothing stranger coz somewhere in my mind I feel that Gordon Ramsay is a BuzzFeed network member too. 😁

    Shubham DeyShubham DeyMaand geleden
    • And that person behind the camera be like: c'mon man, you have a pool of leftover chocolate, you can gimme some of it.

      Shubham DeyShubham DeyMaand geleden