Which Celebrity Makes The Best Fried Rice? • Celebrity Recipe Royale

7 mrt. 2021
556 566 Weergaven

We taste test fried rice recipes from Jennie from Blackpink, Rich Brian, David Chang, and Nigel Ng (Uncle Roger). Find out who has the most delicious one on this episode of Celebrity Recipe Royale.
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  • The asian looking girl reviewing the rice in the video cant be asian, SHE LITERALLY SAID A FRIED RICE THAT'S BEEN SMOTHERED IN SPICES NEEDS MORE SALT.

    DexaliumDexaliumMinuut geleden
  • 1:58 Rich Bryan's NAZI goreng!! Lolol he really went out of the way to emphasise the "Z"

    Nicholas LowNicholas Low17 minuten geleden
  • Visually don't look very good. Well we Malaysian don't care that much about the food. We care of how it taste 🤣🤣🤣

    Shen GrandusShen Grandus3 uur geleden
  • Try the adobo rice next

    Bambam 01Bambam 015 uur geleden
  • And for fried rice you only have Asian celebrities? Interesting

    Eric RobertEric Robert5 uur geleden
  • Sees Jennie It's my time to shine~ *clicks*

    Wanaisa Subhi NoorWanaisa Subhi Noor5 uur geleden
  • Bruh that one girl probably doesn’t appreciate food unless it has high salt content😥

    katisme17katisme178 uur geleden
    • Not tryna be a hater but uncle Rogers fried rice is good🥺🥺🥺

      katisme17katisme178 uur geleden
  • I saw jennie i clicked

    SasoujimSasoujim15 uur geleden
  • Ffs. Why make a fried rice video to give the judges a fork? Smh

    Diego SavageDiego Savage19 uur geleden
  • Why uncle roger no win this weejio haiyaa this is negative fuiyoh level (not meaning to say the video is bad)

    TheJojo WeebTheJojo Weeb22 uur geleden
  • Haiyaaa uncle woger egg fwi wice never win

    RazorBladeRazorBlade23 uur geleden
  • These people have no taste haiyaaaa

    Aaryan WaliAaryan WaliDag geleden
  • well uh why u guys eating with forks?

    DMCX9890DMCX9890Dag geleden
  • she insulted uncle rogers fried rice, WHAT DO WE DO BOIS?

    Justine Lawrence R. BanawaJustine Lawrence R. BanawaDag geleden

    nihal riyaznihal riyazDag geleden
  • fak that girl

    Mr. KurotoMr. KurotoDag geleden
  • Nice

    Remy DamuRemy DamuDag geleden
  • Who tha f eats rice with a fork?

    HybridedHybridedDag geleden
  • uncle lojer flied lice no good meh? petter put mole em-ass-gee in flied lice for petter taste 😂😂😂😂😂

    Izzy YahyaIzzy YahyaDag geleden
  • No induction stove pls uncle roger hates it

    Jasper ChamJasper ChamDag geleden
  • Ello Uncle Roger me from Sabah,Malaysia

    Jasper ChamJasper ChamDag geleden
  • Jennie recipe?

    Evangelina ClaraJokerEvangelina ClaraJokerDag geleden
  • Nasi Goreng Tastes Sweet with the Salty of the egg Tastes so so good🤤🤤

    RexxyapxRexxyapxDag geleden
  • There’s always that 1 person who’s the most judgmental

    •h u n i i b u n••h u n i i b u n•Dag geleden
  • Who let asian karen judge fried rice? Haiyaaa!

    Yoha AsakuraYoha AsakuraDag geleden
  • NO WOK HEI! SO SAD.....

    Maba MedMaba Med2 dagen geleden
  • I see Jennie, I click.

    Niko BlinkarmyNiko Blinkarmy2 dagen geleden
  • Where is the SPOOOOOONNNN!!!???

    AmaraAmara2 dagen geleden
  • Finally they get a chef...get that guy victor off for cooking videos.

    Tai KusakawaTai Kusakawa2 dagen geleden
  • Oh my god you guys toast uncle roger hahaha

    Village Farm SDSVillage Farm SDS2 dagen geleden
  • so we are frying nazis now?

    SxmmySxmmy2 dagen geleden
  • The girl ain’t it fire her

    PredX GamingPredX Gaming2 dagen geleden
  • You didn’t do Nasi goreng justice. That ain’t authentic nasi goreng 😭

    elephant travelerselephant travelers2 dagen geleden
  • Bro, every fried rice SHOULD be cook in wok.

    elephant travelerselephant travelers2 dagen geleden
  • Nice clickbait tho

    Satiz LairenjamSatiz Lairenjam2 dagen geleden
  • Is this girk have ever tried fried rice. So annoying

    Assumpta Coeli HilisAssumpta Coeli Hilis2 dagen geleden
  • I like David Changs recipes, & Uncle Roger's fried rice is great as well, but I'm kinda disappointed to not see a Japanese fried rice (Yakimeshi) represented. It's really one of my favorite variations

    Jon VJon V3 dagen geleden
  • Does Uncle Roger ever make videos that DON'T include fried rice?

    s pangs pang3 dagen geleden
  • U didn't do Uncle Rogers fried rice the way he does it. Missed out some ingredients and some wrong steps.

    Rushir DaraanRushir Daraan3 dagen geleden
  • Ahhh yess queen Jennie 😍

    Kim Jennies ChanelKim Jennies Chanel3 dagen geleden
  • You should use cast iron or enamel, that's the key! Don't even think about non stick pan, you'll have different flavours! :/

    Buzzing In Your EarsBuzzing In Your Ears3 dagen geleden
  • What the heck is Cacanut Spice Mix ? And why did Rich Brian used it in his nasi goreng ?

    Anak Anda JeniusAnak Anda Jenius3 dagen geleden
    • Oh candlenut....

      Anak Anda JeniusAnak Anda Jenius3 dagen geleden
  • I bet you she would go to a Boujie spot to rave about the food, and if you serve her the same food at a different setting, she'll complain about it.

    Po HauPo Hau3 dagen geleden
  • the girl have very poor taste buds

    Novrendy Cahya PaulusNovrendy Cahya Paulus4 dagen geleden
  • Maybe the girl is Auntie Helen. Recognized Uncle Roger's ecc fire raysh and immediately hates it.

    JSH AJSH A4 dagen geleden
  • We should have recipe royale of tasty chefs

    zee 45zee 454 dagen geleden
  • I'm in the comments section to see all the negative things you all have to say to that one woman reactor, and you all never disappoint.

    Red VillaluzRed Villaluz4 dagen geleden
  • eeh I only came for Uncle Roger, he should've won

    Randum GurlRandum Gurl4 dagen geleden
  • The way he pronounced kecap manis OH MY LORD HAD ME ROLLING HAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAAH

    fraveriefraverie4 dagen geleden
  • My ancestors are crying when he said kicap manis (sweet soy sauce) as ✨kee-kap mae-nes✨

    Jellal CastellanJellal Castellan4 dagen geleden
  • Well anything with msg is good

    darkhaven87darkhaven874 dagen geleden
  • Too much oil he put for Uncle Roger version

    Marian LouwrensMarian Louwrens4 dagen geleden
  • Kecap(ketchup) Manis

    Yu SekiguchiYu Sekiguchi4 dagen geleden
  • "Make sure you wear gloves so you dont get kimchi juice in ur eyes" Wait wat? Since wen do gloves protect your eyes LOL

    YummyYummy4 dagen geleden
  • My asian mom cook more good LEL

    Anonymous_GamerKVBAnonymous_GamerKVB4 dagen geleden
  • Fuiyoooo😍

    Samia Haque AdorSamia Haque Ador4 dagen geleden
  • The blackpink stans have invaded the comment section, I can sense it through the Asian force

    Kao GamingKao Gaming5 dagen geleden
  • i was expecting blinks to be in the comments yelling JENNIE'S FRIED RICE IS BETTER THAN ALL THE 3-STAR MICHELIN CHEFS IN THE WORLD like they do in videos unrelated to blackpink HAHAHAHHAHA

    FantaqueFantaque5 dagen geleden
  • you are missing a big component. A "wok"

    gene yaogene yao5 dagen geleden
  • Malaysian fried rice also known as uncle rogers fried rice is the bestt

    mitsuchxnmitsuchxn5 dagen geleden

    Naufal ZainNaufal Zain5 dagen geleden
  • I love how there isnt a single Korean judje .....wooww

    Latha KrishnamurthyLatha Krishnamurthy5 dagen geleden
  • Goorrlll...you have to try Jamie Oliver's fried rice..and chilli jam as the dessert...you're gonna love it🤣

    Jimmi FXJimmi FX5 dagen geleden
  • Its obvious that the girl was biased with korean stuff

    Ujin XiangUjin Xiang5 dagen geleden
  • Why they eat with fork

    Lean MoragaLean Moraga5 dagen geleden
  • J

    Mosasauras eats stuffMosasauras eats stuff5 dagen geleden
  • Not gonna be a hypocrite, I did come because of the thumbnail. One thing I'm curious though, how did you get Jennie's 'recipe'?

    Erina NurjannahErina Nurjannah5 dagen geleden
  • *Yeah Im not blind i definately saw Jennie in the thumbnail and Jennie in the video*

    I wanna be the egg felix FoundI wanna be the egg felix Found5 dagen geleden
  • Or maybe there are just some cuts on the video?

    ShyBella VlogzShyBella Vlogz5 dagen geleden
  • Where is the garlic in Uncle Roger's?

    ShyBella VlogzShyBella Vlogz5 dagen geleden
  • Where's the garlic in David Chang?

    ShyBella VlogzShyBella Vlogz5 dagen geleden
  • Bruh the girl judge is annoying af lmaooo

    Sajdah ElbulukSajdah Elbuluk5 dagen geleden
  • 1:24 _but every dish in indonesia is a national dish tho..._

    Ninda IshvaraNinda Ishvara6 dagen geleden
  • haiya

    fabian cerdafabian cerda6 dagen geleden
  • The girl’s pretty pretentious

  • haha that one girl taster is quite snobbish. She must be quite the picky eater. Nothing against her but, it would be nice to see people be more tactful and respectful towards food. I guess I appreciate the honesty?

    Amy ChangAmy Chang6 dagen geleden
  • So what does Jennie from Blackpink have to do with this? Is it just because she's Korean? Buzzfeed not like this...

    insanekyoinsanekyo6 dagen geleden
  • uncle roger rules the fried rice world

    asian dolce latteasian dolce latte6 dagen geleden
  • did he not wash the scallions?

    Diana AvagyanDiana Avagyan6 dagen geleden
  • Once I saw Jennie and Uncle Roger on the cover I was like yess! BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA!

    Sunset_Mochi :3Sunset_Mochi :36 dagen geleden
  • Eat fried rice with chopsticks ❌ ..with fork ❌ you should use Spoon dude 😁 and I think the judges should be real asian. 😁

    arius budimanarius budiman6 dagen geleden
  • Love the choice of Celebrities, 2 East Asians and 2 Southeast Asians.

    Ivan Kent CanoIvan Kent Cano6 dagen geleden
  • Did he really say Kee-cahp man-iss. Damn my Indonesian roots be shaking...

    Strict FrozenStrict Frozen6 dagen geleden
  • I am a simple human, I see Uncle Roger I click.

    • withering •• withering •6 dagen geleden
    • Goated

      A.ZaimieA.ZaimieDag geleden
  • Kimchi fried rice. Ugh. Love love lo e

    keevolutionkeevolution6 dagen geleden
  • Notice he only got wok hay from Uncle Roger's. None of the others used a wok.

    Paul WagnerPaul Wagner6 dagen geleden
  • Keycap mayonis😂😂🙏🏻

    Hakimi MuhammadHakimi Muhammad6 dagen geleden
  • Where is Jennie? LMAO

    Gabby _butterfly vibezGabby _butterfly vibez7 dagen geleden
  • Where is Jennie? LMAO

    Gabby _butterfly vibezGabby _butterfly vibez7 dagen geleden
  • NOBODY LIKE UNCLE ROGER?????????????

    (Kate) Alisa Wichayachakorn(Kate) Alisa Wichayachakorn7 dagen geleden
  • *That girl be complaining a lot eh*

    Lop PolLop Pol7 dagen geleden
  • dont u dare put ur forks in there ;-; haiyaaaaaaaa

    And I Have Death NoteAnd I Have Death Note7 dagen geleden
  • Oh wow- yasss I'm a blink and yayy Jennie is there :D

    • ꜱᴜɢᴀʀᴄxɴᴅʏ •• ꜱᴜɢᴀʀᴄxɴᴅʏ •7 dagen geleden
  • why are you guys eating with a FORKKKK

    LazyFoodieLazyFoodie7 dagen geleden
  • Why are they using industrial stove for uncle roger recipe haiya

    c jyc jy7 dagen geleden
  • He knows he getting roasted later, that's why he switched out that saucepan for a wok for Uncle Roger 😂

    mylyfeizdancemylyfeizdance7 dagen geleden
  • I

    Kailani Barragan-GomezKailani Barragan-Gomez7 dagen geleden

    TeGekkeChineesTeGekkeChinees7 dagen geleden
  • Pork? Eugh HECK NAH

    Kekeyi EilishKekeyi Eilish7 dagen geleden
  • the last guy really like number 2 and 4 but votes number 3 thats some actual bs

    22 _Rohan22 _Rohan7 dagen geleden