Young Animators Vs. Disney Legend (Feat. Floyd Norman) • Draw Off

28 mrt. 2021
58 771 Weergaven

Jess and Austin draw Mowgli and Kaa from The Jungle Book alongside veteran Disney animator Floyd Norman! Whose drawing will be the most on-model?
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Floyd Norman​
Jess Cuffe
Austin Faber
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  • I really love Jess's 😍

    Latina DestinyLatina Destiny21 uur geleden
  • Hey Floyd, I knew Dale Oliver one of the cleanup artists on Jungle Book. Don’t know if you ever met each other and, he has since passed but, he had some cool stories to tell.

    Raven Le FayeRaven Le Faye3 dagen geleden
  • Is it me or jess’s drawings kinda look like it’s inspired by hentai

    Latifah 52Latifah 523 dagen geleden
  • I love how Floyd just casually talks about Walt Disney

    Sofieke de LoosSofieke de Loos6 dagen geleden
  • So proud of my girl Jess holding her own with Floyd Norman💐💐💐

    ourabourasourabouras8 dagen geleden
  • This is Super COOL! I was actually to meet Floyd Norman.

    Grierski Grier BurkeGrierski Grier Burke8 dagen geleden
  • Nothing beats 2D hand drawn animation...especially fold school Disney or Warner Bros...modern computer drawn 2D animation can’t compare

    flipflapflop1flipflapflop19 dagen geleden
  • Floyd, They aint putting you to shame. I love how on model yours was. Accuracy is a virtue in my eyes and seeing that here is wonderful. Though i gotta admit as illustrations yours have the book cuteness while the one to the left looks like a really serious novel illustration. I gotta say i loved the little story about Walt. It's funny XD

    DA MotoNekoDA MotoNeko10 dagen geleden
  • Yaaaas black excellence!!!

    Jocey VeeJocey Vee11 dagen geleden
  • Ive animated on paper before but i did it 2 years ago

    Rrezart_AlboRrezart_Albo11 dagen geleden
  • Floyd’s voice is satisfying I don’t why

    GauGau12 dagen geleden
    • I don't know why *

      Masked drawing KingMasked drawing KingDag geleden
  • I love how everyone's style is so different and unique. So cool!

    Melissa LopezMelissa Lopez14 dagen geleden
  • Not to be rude or disrespectful but he kinda looks like Freddy Krueger lmao

    Tele SalaTele Sala15 dagen geleden
  • I love Jesse's Critical Role Art! She's amazing!!!💙

    AoiYuureiSuruAoiYuureiSuru17 dagen geleden
  • My favorite one so far.

    Angelique TaylorAngelique Taylor17 dagen geleden
  • I hate the fact that all I can think about is how much fetish art came out of the scene with Kaa....thanks, Deviant art.

    imak0alaimak0ala17 dagen geleden
  • finally, I have been waiting for like 18 years for someone redraw

    erain martinezerain martinez18 dagen geleden
  • I love Floyd Norman; he is an awesome person. I hsd the privlege to meet him at Disney Studios and he has an amazing personality and his stories are priceless! What a great animator who made a great contribution to Disney...

    Tabatha DavisTabatha Davis19 dagen geleden
  • This was rocking!

    DistraktDistrakt19 dagen geleden
  • Just simply in awe at this legend 😯

    daidai907daidai90719 dagen geleden
  • Emeizin

    Новичок ExploНовичок Explo19 dagen geleden
  • Floyd is a legend! Love him so much

    Gaby GibsonGaby Gibson19 dagen geleden
  • I would love to see a draw of for 101 Dalmatian, it's my favorite movie aaaaall time

    oODarkTearOooODarkTearOo20 dagen geleden
  • Fire Kathleen Kennedy

    michael bmichael b20 dagen geleden
  • Excuse me, but we need to give some more attention to the fact that Floyd Norman is a literal Disney Legend and a groundbreaking animator!!!!!! Not only did he animate for multiple Disney classics, he was also the first Black animator for Disney!!!!

    LaurieLaurie20 dagen geleden
    • @MelinaJuliasCottage Floyd Norman: An Animated Life. I watched it up on Netflix, not sure if they still have it

      ourabourasourabouras6 dagen geleden
    • @ourabouras do you know the name of the documentary?

      MelinaJuliasCottageMelinaJuliasCottage6 dagen geleden
    • Actually I learned, from Floyd Norman’s documentary, that Frank Braxton was the first black animator in Hollywood/ Disney (I believe)

      ourabourasourabouras8 dagen geleden
    • There is a documentary about his life available on demand and or Netflix

      purplestar88purplestar8811 dagen geleden
    • That’s so cool :0

      GauGau12 dagen geleden
  • the legend bring life to his picture

    Adi KusdarwantoAdi Kusdarwanto20 dagen geleden
  • This never came at a better time deciding on switching to animation for uni

    Drink77Drink7720 dagen geleden
    • @Katya havnt started yet 🤣currently do more games coding then animation

      Drink77Drink7712 dagen geleden
    • how's animation so far

      KatyaKatya12 dagen geleden
  • they should play Garlic Phone

    Francisco GarridoFrancisco Garrido20 dagen geleden
  • For the past 18 years that I have lived on this planet I have mastered scribble why don't people considered this..

    Gladin GunaGladin Guna20 dagen geleden
  • I googled Floyd Norman (because I couldn't believe he worked on Sleeping Beauty, since it is from 1959) and he is 85 yo 😳 he looks 65-70 legit.

    Maria Luiza CardosoMaria Luiza Cardoso20 dagen geleden
    • @Marchela Pocopio Yes hahah

      Maria Luiza CardosoMaria Luiza Cardoso5 dagen geleden
    • HE’S 85??

      Marchela PocopioMarchela Pocopio7 dagen geleden
    • Right?? I'm like his face doesn't seem to match what he is saying.

      Marina SmithMarina Smith8 dagen geleden
    • HOW

      GauGau12 dagen geleden
  • Floyd’s great. Ran into him at a con & was so nice & would answer any question

    Sk8rToonSk8rToon20 dagen geleden
  • "The Jungle Book" is my favorite Disney animated film. Mowgli's face is so expressive. They way he scrunches his face, or raises his eyebrows, or gazes dreamily into the distance... Credit to Mr. Floyd Norman for helping contribute to some of the best memories of my childhood.

    Herman Von PetriHerman Von Petri20 dagen geleden
    • I love the jungle book so so much!!

      Jane DoeJane Doe15 uur geleden
    • Agreed. The Jungle Book needs more love

      Gaby GibsonGaby Gibson19 dagen geleden
  • Jess one

    MnMn Bahr.MnMn Bahr.20 dagen geleden

    Alex MartinAlex Martin20 dagen geleden
  • Hey Floyd! Looking good!

    BlkWmnAnimatorBlkWmnAnimator20 dagen geleden
  • Wow what a legend. So many awesome Disney movies he's worked on. I was all over this video.

    Mark McDonnellMark McDonnell20 dagen geleden
  • Austin always has the sickest drawing. I would pay money for him to draw me as crazy awesome superhero.

    Jess LimJess Lim20 dagen geleden
  • 😁

    Kelgocrazzy ArtKelgocrazzy Art20 dagen geleden
  • He looks like Freddy cruger

    Dream_TRUST 4KDream_TRUST 4K20 dagen geleden
    • It's been a while since the last movie, Freddy still needs to pay the rent.

      recoil53recoil5320 dagen geleden
  • Jess killed it, that looks good

    marc07112marc0711220 dagen geleden
  • Master artist Floyd Norman.

    dereckvondereckvon20 dagen geleden
  • I love jess's drawing omg

    Eline HegrandEline Hegrand20 dagen geleden
  • Omg

    Eline HegrandEline Hegrand20 dagen geleden
  • Love The jungle book!!

    Amber PriceAmber Price20 dagen geleden
  • floyd 1 for me

    GreenSkiesGreenSkies20 dagen geleden
  • I already know I’m gonna love this video! 🥰🙌🥰

    Squeeze The Day With LemonsSqueeze The Day With Lemons20 dagen geleden
  • :0

    Amazing AmazinaAmazing Amazina20 dagen geleden
  • The only BF content I follow is "Worth It", but I'm glad this was in my recommends

    BobbnoxiousBobbnoxious20 dagen geleden
    • Worth It, Draw Off and Unsolved are the only reasons to watch.

      FramesPerSecondFramesPerSecond19 dagen geleden
  • Noice

    SOMEONE 1SOMEONE 120 dagen geleden
  • I love them 😔

    Danny AyabacaDanny Ayabaca20 dagen geleden
  • I'm here struggling to draw a cube

    Willy WonkaWilly Wonka20 dagen geleden
    • I haven't drawn a cube in like 2 years lol

      The weird QueenThe weird Queen11 dagen geleden
    • @D Talbert thanks 🙂

      Willy WonkaWilly Wonka13 dagen geleden
    • You are too funny!

      D TalbertD Talbert13 dagen geleden
    • I've mastered drawing blobs.

      recoil53recoil5320 dagen geleden
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  • I’ve never been earlier before loL.

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    • Internet is not a good place to talk about your sex life

      Kaan GüneşKaan Güneş20 dagen geleden
  • I really admired what Floyd was saying. I’m not even into art but I got inspired by him

    Nana Ama Bedua MensahNana Ama Bedua Mensah20 dagen geleden
  • "That'll work"

    EricliaooEricliaoo20 dagen geleden
  • I love all of their styles. Each animators added a nice kick to it

    Nana Ama Bedua MensahNana Ama Bedua Mensah20 dagen geleden
  • ❝ _No one has love greater than this, that someone should surrender his life in behalf of his friends._ ❞ - John 15:13

    LoveTrollLoveTroll20 dagen geleden
  • When I was young I took art lessons. My art teacher was an older lady who I went to church with. I found out later that she was actually one of the people who helped create and draw Buzz Lightyear. The only story I remember her telling me was that even if you were 1 minute late, the doors would already be locked and they wouldn’t let you in. I found that pretty interesting

    Oof ProductionsOof Productions20 dagen geleden
    • I've heard of places like that. Sounds like a nightmare to deal with. There was a football coach who said that if his players were on time, they were 5 minutes late. Needless to say there was a mutiny.

      recoil53recoil5320 dagen geleden
  • Y'all like jazz?

    Baconiscool79Baconiscool7920 dagen geleden
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    c de los santosc de los santos20 dagen geleden
  • Hello 🤩👋👋

    Tayla WareTayla Ware20 dagen geleden
  • I’d love to be an animater but I cant draw 😂

    Miles GriffinMiles Griffin20 dagen geleden
  • Hello

    Fiona ZhenFiona Zhen20 dagen geleden
  • Dear, whoever is reading this I may not know you, but I wish you the best in life 💚😚

    relaxing soundsrelaxing sounds20 dagen geleden
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